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Hi I'm Heidi H.

I'm a Mormon. True Blue, Through and Through!

About Me

I love to travel. Traveling broadens my mind, and educates me soul. Because I travel, I know what the smell of poverty is. I have eaten pup with my fingers in South Africa, and drank fresh coconut milk from a tree in the Philippines. I have prayed with the Muslims in Egypt and walked where Jesus walked in Israel. I have danced in Saltzburg and sung in Salisbury. I have thrilled to experience ballet in Vienna and wept in Florence over the beauty of a Botticelli original. I am the mother of six outstanding human beings. My husband and I met through a mutual friend and became pen-pals while he served as a missionary in Germany. We married six months after his return and now have 17 grandchildren. Almost everything that is good about me, every virtue, every worthy character trait, every feeling of gratitude, I obtained as a result of being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, having a family, being a mother, a wife and travelling.

Why I am a Mormon

The summer of 1974 two Elders from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints knocked on my door. They told me they were Mormons. Though they were my age, I witnessed such deep belief and purpose in them, such commitment to make the sincere, heart-felt declaration, “This book, and the Bible, are the most important books I have ever read.” I thought, “If it is important to them, maybe the Book of Mormon would be important to me also.” So, I accepted the gift and promised I would read it. They returned and taught me more. Each concept they taught was familiar, easy for me. I knew we didn’t have an angry, punitive God. I knew Him and I knew that I didn’t need to fear and keep at a distance the God that created me. From these Elders I felt their love for and personal relationship with God. I knew it was right that we had lived before this earthly experience; that our birth was not the beginning. When the Elders described the pre-mortal existence, my heart shouted, “Of course! Of course!” A prophet today? Of course a loving heavenly Father would want to keep directing us! That was easy to believe. Tithing? Of course; why wouldn’t I want to contribute to Jesus Christ’s Church! Word of Wisdom? Easy; it only makes sense to take care of our earthly temple which houses our spirit. Line upon line I was taught the gospel truths. Baptism? Of course! I wanted to be connected with such fine people, such truthful teachings, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. What a blessing to be a member of the Church. I’m so grateful for the tender, persistent teaching of the Elders. I’m so grateful for the loving heavenly Father who reached after me until I was found. I’m so grateful to have started a tradition of membership in the Church for the generations that will follow me. Members of our Church celebrate their pioneer heritage on July 24. But my pioneer blood began to flow in our family’s veins July 13, 1974.

How I live my faith

I have two passions (besides travelling); one is creating and the other is serving. My life and my faith have allowed me to take pleasure in both. I find joy in creating anything, from a tasty meal to a human life. I have created lessons as I have had the privilege of teaching my family, youth and women. I have created mission statements, focus and direction with people I hold dear. I have created a healthy, wholesome, interesting learning environment in my home and in classrooms. And I have served; I have tied countless shoes, wiped countless noses, prayed countless hours. I have assembled hygiene kits for disaster victims, hefted sand bags, read books to downhearted ears, held worried hands, and provided clothing and food. I have worked and I have loved, and I have gone to bed most nights with the sweet satisfaction that I am making a difference in the world.