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Hi I'm Kellie

I'm a christian, wife, mother, artist, writer, photographer, gamer, dreamer, wisher upon stars & I'm a Mormon

About Me

In 2009 I became so depressed that I would never find true love or a husband who would stay loyal, I broke down in the shower one morning and prayed with all my heart and soul for God to send me the right man. I was depressed and desparate and I knew that God had his own timing, but I felt like I'd hit bottom and prayed... I prayed hard and long. Shortly after that, a pair of sisters had come into where I worked (the owners were Mormon) and they were always so sweet, we began to talk a little and something in me finally decided to allow the missionaries to visit me at home. For the first time in my life, I wasn't afraid. I had two lessons and one of the girls said that she was prompted to ask me if I wanted to become baptized that Sunday. I knew it was the right time and I instantly said "Yes!" I asked a good friend of mine if he ever expected to see me in the church (he is a High Priest in our ward) and he smiled at me and said, "Yes, you were always a member, you just didn't know it!" Within a few weeks, I met a nice man who had a 15 year old son. He'd had custody since his son was very young and raised him through many hard times. He and I had gone through many similar situations. His son had recently been asking questions that he couldn't answer, so they went to see his father and they invited the Elders over. Come to find out, this nice man had been praying hard and long around the same time I had been. When they were done visiting his father, they returned to town and decided to start coming to church. Their first day in the ward was my day of confirmation. After a few weeks of eyeing each other, he almost talked to me, but chickened out and I spoke first. We started talking and had our first date. We both decided to finally do it right this time (after many mistakes in the past for both of us) and live the law of chastity, following the commandments of our Heavenly Father. A couple months later, we were married and we now have a beautiful baby boy! His son and I get along very well and I love him as if he were my own. We're strong in our faith, my husband and I both have callings in the church and although we still have our problems, like any family, we have our faith as our foundation to hold us together through the rough times.

Why I am a Mormon

I've been to many different churches of many different faiths. At some, I had good experiences, at others... well, not so much. But no matter how good of an experience I would have, I always left feeling as if something was missing. At an LDS church, I leave feeling spiritually filled and satisfied. Also, I've had many questions about the Bible, God and Jesus, but others would never really be able to answer any of my questions fully... or even at all. When the sisters came to visit, they answered all of my questions, they showed me in the Bible where to find the answer and the answers then made sense and so did the passages from the Bible. Then, as I read the Book of Mormon along with the Bible, I started to notice the continuity between the two. These are just a couple examples of why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I've had a few different callings since I've become a member back in 2009 and I've enjoyed them all. One is the most fun was being Cub Master for the Cub Scouts sponsored by our ward. It is not just for church members. It is open to all boys ages 8 - 10 (& then Boy Scouts continues on up from there) and so far it has been a wonderful experience for all of us. And please be assured that we don't "push" our religion on any of the boys nor the parents. We offer the service of the Scouts and a place to meet up. Although it is run and lead by church members, we want everyone to feel comfortable in their environment, to have fun and to learn everything they can to become wonderful young gentlemen as they grow up. I adore all the boys and think the world of them as well as my leaders and all the parents. It is very fulfilling to serve the community in this way and I hope that I've made a difference to the boys and their parents. I hope that they continue to progress so that they can spread the Scouting ideals to as many as possible.

Are Mormons Christians?

Absolutely! The name of the church should answer that question from the start and I don't understand why anyone would think that we aren't Christians. We are members of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints. Yes, we have some beliefs that are a little different than the main-stream Christian such as the God-Head instead of a "Trinity" per say. (Personally, having a separation of the three makes more sense when you read the Bible than thinking they are one in the same body) But we definitely believe in God our Heavenly Father, we believe that his son, Jesus Christ is the savior and redeemer. We believe in the Holy Ghost and we believe that the Lord sacrificed his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, for all of us. We believe in and follow the teachings of the Bible, we just also have the Book of Mormon which is additional testimonies of Jesus Christ. Compare the two books with an open mind and an open heart, pray to Heavenly Father and ask Him if the Book of Mormon is true, and you'll see how true it really is. Show more Show less