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Hi I'm Earl

I am a Product Developer, dreamer, father of five, problem solver, and data analyst. I love to feel at peace. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I work in Product Development at a company creating innovative, low toxicity disinfecting technologies. I want to use science and technoIogy to make the world a better, safer, cleaner, healthier place that generations to come will enjoy more than we can today. I want to be part of building a sustainable society based on personal righteousness, virtue, knowledge, science, individual responsibility, shared values, beauty, hard work, conservation, sacrifice for the common good, faith, and love. This utopian view of a possible future I believe will come, and will be called Zion. I want to be part of preparing for it and building it. I love hiking, gardening, reading, photography, computers, woodworking, cooking, music, and solving difficult multifaceted problems. I am comfortable with solitude, hard work, sacrifice, devotion, imagination, and dedicating my life to causes bigger than myself. Science, great literature, art, technology, nature, the outdoors, good music, and teaching what I have learned to others, all are important to me. Good work is it's own reward. My wife and I have five children and are now "empty nesters".   I love each of my children, and do not see them as often as I would like. My current project on my house is to re-create the front entry in stone and plants and water that will create a sense of beauty, tranquility, welcome, and maybe even a bit of awe.

Why I am a Mormon

For as long as I can remember, I have always tried to figure out how the Universe works on multiple levels. My inate inquisitiveness with the "why" and 'how' of existance intertwined with the belief that truth should feel right and stand the test of time has led me to seek answers that brought peace to my heart in addition to making sense to my mind. I grew up in a Mormon farming family in Michigan. My family and church taught me to live an honest, virtuous, generous, forgiving, hardworking life where learning in all good things was valued but experimentation with vices should be avoided. I knew that was different than some of my classmates at school, and I was OK with that. I knew that being a Mormon was 'good' and that this brought greater happiness and peace than the lifestyle of so many others around me. The teachings of the LDS church seemed 'right' and natural to me, and so I did not feel the need to question them they same way I did in trying to figure out the world around me. I also had good friends that shared many of these same values, but belong to other religions. I was taught that God, the Creator of the Universe, was a loving Heavenly Father who wanted me to grow and learn and become filled with love and wisdom and humility. That He would hear and answer my prayers if I asked in faith and righteousness. I wanted to experience him in my heart, and have him change my heart so I only wanted things that were good and right. We are all living in a fallen world. If I would follow the whisperings of the Holy Spirit, I would be lead to know all truth and overcome all evil. This process of coming to know God, and having Him know me, changed my life forever. I continue the quest to know Him better, draw near to him each day, and live so that He asks me to do His work. The Book of Mormon has been a key part of this process. I know it is the word of God, and that by reading it and following the inspiration that has come to me, I draw near to Him.

How I live my faith

I want to live, so that any moment, if God were to visit me, I could take him on a tour of my mind, heart, desires, and actions. In that tour, I would not want to avoid any 'cluttered corners' of anger, impatience, selfishness, or indulgence that I did not want Him to see.  Yet I am far from perfect, and so when I recognize I have fallen short of the requirements of His laws, I try to fix it as soon as possible, and then not repeat the error. I read the scriptures almost every day, seeking to gain wisdom and strength from the truths revealed there. I want to live my life so that an outside observer would find enough evidence from my actions to convict me of being a Christian. I work at a regular job, and try to do my best to perform well and get along with everyone, while being completly honest in all communications. I believe I should do well at work and contribute much to my employment. I believe in doing everything I undertake to the best of my ability. Christ talked about those that inherit His kingdom will be the servants of all. I take that seriously and try to avoid the limelight and participate as much as possible in all our church activities. If you need someone on the setup or cleanup committie, I am your guy. I love serving in the Scout troup, teaching the gospel in Sunday School, seeking to inspire others to draw near to God.