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Hi I'm Matthew Kirkland

I'm a guitar playing, Ferrari diving, "board" sport riding, fun seeking, God fearing, friend and family loving, smiling Mormon!

About Me

I have grown up in the Arizona desert for most of my life and I love it! I enjoy the heat, wakeboarding, skateboarding, pretty much any other sport with the word "board" in it, playing the guitar, shooting, sports, fishing, scuba diving, camping, and just about anything that lets me be active and gets me outdoors. I love spending time with my family and friends and like making new friends. I am the oldest of 7 children and love having a large, loud, and fun family with 2 wonderful parents. I grew up in a home my mother described as being a "revolving door" where people were constantly coming and going and felt comfortable. I look forward to being married and one day having a family of my own! I believe in working hard and not being afraid to get dirty with anything I do. Currently, I am a full time college student trying to learn Spanish and seeking to go into the medical field. I work part time as a valet where I get to drive all kinds of different exotic sports cars. I have played the guitar for 9 years and have been in a few bands from time to time and enjoy singing with choirs. I'm an eagle scout and served a full-time 2 year mission for my church in Florida where I more fully fell in love with the southern United States. I believe it is important to be fully involved with anything I choose to do. I try to live an intentional life. I like organizing events and I find joy in helping other people have fun. I believe that being positive and smiling can change to world:)

Why I am a Mormon

Being a Mormon makes me happy! It provides direction for my life and for my family. It is fun! Pretty much everything I do in life relates back to being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in some way. Indeed, I can relate perfectly well with the statement of a prophet found in the Book of Mormon when he says "I cannot say the smallest part which I feel" (Alma 26:16). From the friends I gain to activities I choose to do and way I spend my time, being a Mormon is truly being a disciple of Jesus Christ and I Love it! More seriously, I am a Mormon because it brings peace to my life; true peace. The kind that can only be understood by those who know God and His Son Jesus Christ. Christ told His disciples that He would give them peace in this world if they loved Him and kept His commandments (John 14:23-27). I have found this peace being a Mormon. I have had God teach and witness to me, through the Holy Ghost, that His Son Jesus Christ is my personal Savior and Redeemer and that He is the Savior and Redeemer of the whole world. Also, that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is His kingdom on earth today and that it alone contains the absolute fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have received my witness as the result of prayer, study, and faith as prescribed by God in the scriptures. I have further witnesses in the same way that God's kingdom, that was established by Christ, was taken away from the earth for a time because of wickedness and was restored by God and His Son through the Prophet Joseph Smith. The Book of Mormon and the Bible witness to these truths and I know that anyone will gain the same witness I have gained from the Holy Ghost if they will do what God has commanded them to do. I know that my knowledge and testimony of these things has come from God and is not of man or of myself and that it would be a lie if I ever proclaimed anything otherwise. I am so grateful for my testimony!

How I live my faith

While I am quite far from being perfect, I try to make everything I do in my life exemplify my faith. This was not always the case, but since I have made the choice to do so I have been blessed in more ways than I can count or realize. Not a day goes by that I do not read the word of God and communicate with Him in prayer and as a result, I love the scriptures and rely on the guidance I receive through them. I have notice that often His direction to me is simply to help and bless others rather going and do something monumental or extraordinary. Many times it will be things like sending a text message to a friend or giving them a call to see how they are doing or simply just to smile and laugh a little. I seek to let others see that it quite possible to have a full, fun-filled life while remaining wholesome and virtuous. In fact, it is the only way to real happiness in life. Once a week for the last few years I have served in a Temple of God. It is one of the holiest and sacred places on earth and it provides a shelter from the storms of life that challenge all of us. While there, I help perform work of ordinances that God has revealed which are ultimately necessary for salvation for both the living and dead (See 1 Cor. 15:29 and Mark 16:16). Through my service there, I have learned many things, but one of the most important and applicable is that everything we have and are is truly from God, even our lives. We are truly indebted to Him in all things, therefore, I seek to give Him my life in all I do and say, and in doing so I posses my life all the more.