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Hi I'm Sven Sluyter

Aloha! I love to play with my family of 7. I work in psychology @ our state hospital. I'm so grateful to know Jesus Christ

About Me

I am the father of 5 more-than-amazing, different-from-each-other-children. I adopted my wife's 2 boys from her first marriage, and we have been additionally blessed w/3 more ourselves: a daughter followed by 2 more boys. We play street hockey, surf, ski, snowboard, fish, mountain bike, explore trails and caves, play volleyball, and love to climb trees! I have loved climbing trees since my childhood, and still do w/my kids today. We prayerfully seek out those neighbors and community members whom we can assist and serve. I studied Recreation and Family Sciences at BYU, and Marriage & Family Therapy and Educational Psychology at Texas Tech University. I currently work in Psychology at our state's psychiatric hospital. I thoroughly enjoy working w/patients who have dealt with symptoms of chronic schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, addictions and many other challenging life circumstances. I truly love my job for the opportunities to serve God's children, gain insights, and experience the depths of our Heavenly Father's profound love. I also facilitate groups in ropes courses, watching lives of youth and adults deepen as their trust in the Savior increases.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents joined the church individually in Holland, my Mom serving a mission following her powerful conversion. She and my Dad instilled a love for the scriptures and a deep desire to serve the Savior Jesus Christ and His children wherever we went. My Mom has blessed me with the development of great faith, such that I'm not LDS because they are, or because I was "born into the Church", nor because I have lots of friends at Church. I am LDS because I know the whisperings of the Spirit of God, the feelings of peace, of healing, of forgiveness and joy. Several days after I received my mission call at age 19 to Brasil, I began to intensely wonder whether I was ready, whether I knew for myself and could actually go and testify across the world that Jesus is the Christ, that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God, and that the true and living Church of Jesus Christ had been actually restored to the earth in our times. Upon hearing my concerns, Mom stopped sewing, turned to me and walked with me thru the prior 19 years of my life, reminding me of the experiences, priesthood blessings, the times I prayed and received the sought-for blessing, and the many testimonies I'd born w/unmistakeable power such that I was left weak. She explained to me that if I simply could step to the side of the road of my life and look back, I would clearly see that my Altar of Faith was solidly built one stone at a time, upon the foundation of the Savior, His Priesthood, His servants, His Scriptures, and in His service. As I looked back that morning, I knew that light upon light, precept upon precept, I had a brightly burning witness of my own from God to share with those I was called to serve in Brasil, and anywhere else I might go. I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ because I know He lives. He has shown Himself to me in a thousand more meaningful ways than in the flesh.

How I live my faith

At home, we teach our kids through family prayer, scripture study, and Family Home Evening. We take our children with us to service opportunities around our church and community, cutting firewood for the elderly, working at a soup kitchen, picking up garbage along roads, and taking the Sacrament to the those unable to attend. Priesthood blessings, counseling sessions, stopping to help a stranded driver, or giving someone temporary shelter or nurturing in our home. Most times, we give a personalized copy of the Book of Mormon along with our service. Yet, I find myself at times grousing at one of my kids, for instance right now for blanking out a section of this very explanation of my faith... I am so grateful for forgiveness, and Savior's gentle clarion call to repent. My wife and I are the Young Single Adult advisors in our Ward. This can easily become overwhelming if we try to fulfill this responsibility with anything less than the Lord's guidance. We just witnessed the departure of 3 of our young adults to college, and 1 on a mission. We have 3 more submitting their mission papers! Yet, there are about 75 others not participating, and a few others who occassionally do. We call, we search, we pray, we invite, we sorrow and pray some more, seeking the Lord's guidance to help them find their way back to His loving arms. At work, I build relationships of trust w/Patients, my hope centered on the Jesus Christ. Though I can't directly teach gospel principles, I pray daily for direction and priesthood power to share w/my Patients the powers of Heaven to help heal their often chaotic minds and lives. I am so grateful for the knowledge I have from the Spirit of the Lord that this will "only be but a small moment", and that the Resurrection will heal them. Our reunion then will be marvelous, rich, and so relieving for these brothers and sisters of ours who accepted these challenges before coming here so we and they could learn as we served them here.