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Hi I'm Phillip

I grew up in Washington, I like apples, and I'm an engineering student. I speak Russian and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am in my mid twenties and am newly married. My wife and I were married in the Rexburg Temple. We met when she was the instructor of kayaking at the University. I am really outdoorsy and adventurous. I went to school before I served a mission and I graduated in Auto Mechanics. Once I returned home from Russia where I served a mission for the LDS church, I began studying Political science, Russian Language and Mechanical Engineering at my University. I have traveled and lived all over western United States on my own. I learned a few simple rules to live by when I was living in a very small town in Pskov, Russia; Always obey the commandments, never break the law, and always have fun. If you're not doing any of these three rules, then you are doing something wrong in life and must change. If I ever wanted anything of my own my parents always told me I had to earn it myself, mostly because they didn't have the means to give me everything, and because I have so many brothers and sisters. This motivated me to take advantage of life and work very hard. I live my life so far with no real regrets. I love learning about new cultures, places, people and things. I have a strong ethic for hard work. I believe that you can 'be' anything you desire in life.

Why I am a Mormon

As a you teenager I was bombarded with the subtle craftiness and distractions of the world. I loved to hang with my skater friends, go where I wanted, try new things. I think my curiosity for life made me find out about many things prematurely. Even at a young age I was interested in religion, mostly about the LDS church, and if it really brought people to true happiness in life. I wasn't too concerned about the details of gospel topics and the Bible, But I just wanted to be happy. I couldn't find happiness in with my skater friends, or with the popular kids at school. It was as if I already knew inside of me that I had the answer to finding true happiness. I was raised in the LDS church from childhood by a single mom. My Dad was a convert and married my mom long before I was born. We were living on welfare assistance, and moved from place to place, but we always went to the LDS church wherever we moved. My Mom divorced and was remairried when I was 10. That was challenging for me to accept for a while. It was through a hand full of church friends and family that I really began to see where that true happiness came from. It was because they all lived the gospel and kept the commandments. I tried being on 'both sides of the fence' at one time in my life, having sort of a rebellious and rambunctiousness in my teenage years. Every time I found myself doing something bad, or breaking the law I felt this little stirring voice inside of me that would let me know that I was not doing what I should be. I began to turn my life around and as I did so I was blessed even more with the things I really wanted in life. I made better friends and started to have a stronger respect for my parents and their wisdom. I am now married and love my beautiful hot wife more than anything. I love the farm, fly fishing, motorcycles, skating, skiing, mountaineering, rock climbing, mechanics, Russian, engineering, welding, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

I served as a missionary in St. Petersburg, Russia for 2 years. It was my way of devoting two years of my life to my Heavenly Father. I continue to serve in my church as a nursery leader, and love the little kids. I enjoy team teaching with the missionaries, and helping out with the Boy Scout program. I also enjoy giving service and helping my neighbors move or by doing yard work or helping them fix their cars. I believe the verse in the scriptures that says " when ye are in the service of your fellow being, ye are only in the service of your God." - I feel great when I meet new people and can help them out. In boy scouts I learned from the Scout Oath and Motto to 'Do a good turn daily" and one should always be "trustworthy, loyal, helpful and friendly." I go to church every week, and I often go to the temple with my wife. I have recently had a strong desire to find out who my ancestors are do genealogy work. My wife and I try to read our scriptures a little bit each day and say our prayers. That is one way we have been able to invite the spirit of God into our lives.

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

No, Mormons help all people. It doesn't matter if its a neighbor in need, or for a natural disaster /humanitarian aid relief. I have been involved in many small service projects, helped countless neighbors by lending a helping hand, and done all sorts of community service all around the country and Even many hundreds of hours of service while living in Russia. Service is a part of my life to anyone who needs it as we cross paths in life. Show more Show less