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Hi I'm Heidi

I am a wife, a mom, a seminary teacher. I love to learn. I love music. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My passions in life are... my husband, helping my children become the best they can be, tulips, music, education, truth, strong women, serving others, people who make me laugh, history, travel, learning from life, and my Savior! I grew up in a hogan (on the back of our house) with a very colorful family. My parents adopted my Navajo Indian sister when they'd only been married four months, then had five more daughters, adopted two sons from Korea, then had my last sister and brother...ten in all! We had five pianos in our very small home, so several children could practice at the same time. And we sang together everywhere we went. My parents were big believers in developing talents and working hard. I'm now a proud mother of four beautiful children, I teach seminary part-time, do all the bookkeeping at my husband's medical office, love the youth in our area, spend any free time doing service, and according to my teenage daughter, I'm not self centered enough to have an 'about me.'

Why I am a Mormon

In 1836 a Mormon missionary in Canada taught my great, great, great grandfather the gospel. He believed what he heard and joined the Church. Over the next three decades about 30 other ancestors of mine also listened to missionaries throughout Europe and the United States, and joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Most of them left their homes and traveled by ship, train, covered wagon, and handcart to gather in the West. My parents raised their ten children to have faith in the same religion our ancestors sacrificed everything for. Their passion for the Book of Mormon inspired a desire to share it with others. When I was a teenager, three times they packed our 12-passenger van with food and water for a month, and a case of Spanish copies of the Book of Mormon to share with others along travels throughout all of Mexico. Did I mention that they didn't speak Spanish? What an impactful experience for me! But eventually conversion is a very personal experience, and must come down to what YOU believe to be truth...not just what your parents have taught you. I had married someone that I thought had the same beliefs and values as me, but after a few years he decided it wasn't for him. I knew that I had to know for myself what I really believed. I will never forget driving down the street, crying, praying, desperately wanting to save my marriage that was failing on so many levels, and yet desiring to know what to do. The Spirit whispered to my mind that I knew the Church was true, and if I would cling to that, everything would turn out ok. That experience was hard to have faith in as I eventually struggled as a single mom. But I have seen miracles happen in my life as I put my relationship with God as the highest priority, and have lived the principles of the gospel. I am now happily married to my knight in shining armor...that is, a righteous man who wears the Armor of God!

How I live my faith

I start living my faith right in my own home. My husband and I strive to teach our children to have faith in Jesus Christ, love the scriptures, be kind and serve others. But in addition to that, I teach a religion class to high school kids every day. I love it! We study from the Bible, Book of Mormon, and other modern day revelations. The organization our Church has for women is amazing! We band together as women to increase our faith in Jesus Christ, strengthen families, and provide relief for the poor, needy and down-trodden. I am in charge of organizing two big events each year that focus on those goals for about a thousand women in our area. It's amazing what we can accomplish when women work together! In our Sunday church meetings I play the organ and the piano for the congregation to sing...my mother would be proud that all those piano lessons finally paid off! I love the feeling that sacred music brings to our meetings. One really great thing about our Church is that each person is cared for. Each woman is assigned to go visit two or three other women in our ward each month. I love that opportunity to get to know other women, and to learn from their life's experiences. We get to discuss gospel topics and help each other out when tough times arise. I seem to always learn more from others than they must learn from me, and always make wonderful friends from those women. I feel like the temple is the place on earth I can feel closest to God. So I go there often. I love the peace I feel in the temple, as well as the things I learn about God and his plan for me.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

We believe that the family is the very center of Heavenly Father's plan for our happiness. The earth was created to give families a place to live. The choice made by Adam and Eve to partake of the forbidden fruit allowed them to come to the earth as mortals and have children, starting their very own family. And when Jesus Christ suffered for our sins, that allowed us to start over when we make mistakes. We know that no family is perfect. Sometimes being a parent is hard! But if we keep trying, and repent when we make mistakes, we can see progress. Our family has the motto, "We are Becoming..." We see this life as an opportunity to try to become more like our Father in Heaven. Being a parent also gives me insight to the tremendous amount of love He must have for each of us. We believe that family relationships extend beyond this life. If we live a righteous life, we are thrilled at the thought that we can be together forever. So to us, it is important to work on those relationships here and now. If we invest time in making our marriage a priority, our children are more happy and feel security. We then can be united in teaching our children values, citizenship, knowledge, developing talents, and service. It's also been important in our family to learn about our ancestors, extending our ties to those who have gone before us. They have made many sacrifices so than we can have freedom, prosperity, and worship God in the way we feel is right. Show more Show less