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Hi I'm Chuck

Family, IT job, Martial Arts, Tabletop Games - in that order then repeat.

About Me

I have lived an adventurous and exciting life. I have had many great experiences and learned many important life lessons. I am very in love with my wife and devoted to my children. Together we are living what I am sure must be the best days of my life. Following the teachings of the LDS church has been the wisest choices of my life. I want to life like this with my family forever.

Why I am a Mormon

Chaos does not produce order. Learning about things such as the delicate balance of our ecosystem, universal entropy, and the intricacies of the human mind lead me to believe that humans have been created and this place we live in has been created for us. My search for the creator has brought me to prayer and that prayer has lead me to studying scripture. In time I have felt my prayers answered and I have felt God's influence in my life. One day while reading the New Testament I experience a moment of clarity. I reached the realization that one of the New Testament's messages is that man has placed a front and a back cover on God's word and claimed it to be finished. Truly though, God has never desired to stop talking to his children. Claiming that God's word is finished and then rejecting the teachings of modern prophets was the mistake made by the Jews who had Jesus crucified. Today, many churches around us make that same mistake. This is the realization that opened me up to listening to the teachings of Joseph Smith. A lot has been said about the Mormon church and Joseph Smith on the internet. I have studied all perspectives on the matter and I have found that if someone really wants to understand the Mormon Church it requires time, prayer, reading of scripture, an open mind, and thoughtfulness. Do not be easily deceived; Joseph Smith was right, God is not finished speaking to his people. The Book of Mormon is scripture from the mouth of God. The priesthood has been restored to the earth. Dark influences will do anything they can to persuade men to reject this church's teachings. In short, the small and simple truth is that the more I learn in this church and the more I live by its teachings the more I feel peace, joy, and a closeness to God. The church has influenced me to be a better husband, father, neighbor, follower of Jesus Christ's teachings. Those are the real fruits of this church and "Ye shall know them by their fruits".

How I live my faith

The first priority in my life is taking care of the needs of my family. I study my wife and try to find ways to lift her up and make her life better. I find ways to be together with my young boys. We do a lot of things together as a family. Its important that I follow the church's commandments so that I can lead my children by example. I cannot afford to let them down even in secret. Every day, I end my night together with my children and wife reading books and laughing with each other till everyone gets tired and falls asleep. I feel the peace at night. I feel lucky. And, I make sure that when I wake up the next day, that I live my life so that I can always feel worthy of this amazing family. I try to set an example for my children of how to live life as a good priesthood holder, husband, and Mormon in hopes that they will see the wisdom of the gospel some day when they are men. I have callings and responsibilities in the church as well. They change from time to time, but I am almost always directly involved in some way.

How can I know Mormonism is true?

I was not able to know that the LDS church was Gods church until after I had learned to pray to God and feel the Holy Ghost's impressions and guidance. When I was ready; quiet and private study sessions with the Book of Mormon and prayer gave me the experiences I need to to know that there was a God who wanted me to know him. Show more Show less