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Hi I'm Steven

I grew up in Broomfield, Colorado, and am currently a college student. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hi! I'm Steven. I am currently a Sophmore in College, working towards becoming a pediatrician. On that note, I am also interested in other subjects. Mostly science based, like physics, chemistry, and nutrition, but I'm also interested in music. I play the drum set and piano, learning the guitar, and I sing a little, not well, but I enjoy it. I love sports too. I'll play anything and be proficient at least, but I enjoy Ultimate Frisbee and Tennis. Basically, I enjoy myself doing just about anything. I grew up in Colorado, but spent a couple years in central Florida with friends working. I enjoy both places. I've also spent a month or so in Anchorage, Alaska, where my parents moved when I went to College.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised as a Mormon, but that's not why I still go. As a kid and teenager, it didn't really matter to me that I went to church. It was three hours out of the week where I heard stories about Jesus and other good people, but I regarded them as more of fairy tale type stories than anything. I had other concerns, like getting good grades, dating girls, playing sports, or hanging out with friends. The attitude of nonchalance continued with me even as I went out on a mission. I was one of those guys that rides around on his bike with dress pants, a white shirt and tie, and a name tag on talking about Jesus. I realized then that I didn't know if what I was teaching people was true or not. It made me happy, but that didn't seem like enough evidence for it to be real. To compound it, I felt like a liar telling people that I knew it was real, even though I didn't. I don't like lying, so you can imagine my distress. Anyway, I didn't know for a while, and even thought that there was no God for a while because I just couldn't figure it out. One of my mission leaders invited all the missionaries in the general area to read the Book of Mormon in 12 weeks, highlighting every reference to a name of Christ and underlining what he says. As I did that, I realized how involved He was in the lives of those people, and he became more and more of a real life person in my mind. I wanted that same kind of help. I knelt down on the floor, and asked a question, and listened. I didn't get any response, didn't feel anything, so I just kept sitting without really thinking of anything. An idea came to mind to ask God what He was thinking about. I did, and I felt peaceful, and I became confident that what I was telling people was real. Without any reason other than just feeling it. I knew it was real, and I still do. I still ask what Heavenly Father what he wants me to know or do. That's why I'm a Mormon, cause God tells me to be.

How I live my faith

I give myself to volunteer as often as I can. I play Ultimate Frisbee for the team of the school I attend, and I do not play on Sundays because of my belief in what God wants me to do in regard to his day. It gives me a good opportunity to talk to other people about it cause they see I'm not playing and they ask why. I also support other local members by going over to their places, talking about spiritual subjects and just visit to see how they're doing, asking if they need help with anything. In the church, this is called home teaching, but I make an effort to be friends with them, not just treat them as an assignment.

What is faith?

In my mind, faith is confidence. If I have faith that a bridge will hold my weight, that means I'm confident it will. Because I'm confident in that, and if there is something I want across that bridge, I'm going to cross it. Faith only results in salvation if it is centered in Jesus Christ. Confidence in Him leads to eternal life, and that's an end I want to reach, so his path is one I want to follow, a bridge I want to cross. If I have confidence in him, I have confidence in the life he led, in the things he said, what He wants me to do, and the promises He made if I do. That motivates me to do it. Show more Show less