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Hi I'm Daniel

I grew up in Germany and I've been a Mormon all my life.

About Me

All my life I have been a very curious person. I always wanted to know how things work. So to the delight of my parents they had to deal with disassembled phones etc. when I was just 3 years old. At school I just loved all kinds of natural sciences. After I spend two years for church service (Mission) in England I studied "Nanostructure technologies". Now I work as an Engineer for ultraprecision machining. In my free-time I love doing all kinds of sports. One of my favourites is Volleyball. I also really enjoy reading. My favourite author is Terry Pratchett. His Discworld novels are just funny and still leave a lot to ponder about. And of course do I love to spend a lot of time with my great wife. She is absolutely adorable and we have a lot of fun.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents joined the Mormon faith some time before I was born. So I grew up being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ. Of course I went along with my parents, when I was little. But time came when I had to decide for myself whether to keep that faith or not. I was never pushed by my parents, so I really had to find my own way. The only way for me to do so was to study thoroughly. So I did. I studied the scriptures and to see what difference the Mormon faith has, I especially studied the Book of Mormon. But faith is nothing, that can be perceived by the mind only. So I did pray a lot and I prayed earnestly to that Heavenly Father I have been taught to be existent. And answers did follow. May be not as spectacular as one would wish, no thunderbolt, nor angel or anything like that. Some distinct feelings in my heart I cannot mistake. And now, years later, still - the more I study and pray, the more answers I do get. For me there is no doubt, that God exists and that he loves me. He loves all of his children, wherever they might be. The Mormon Faith is a living Faith. God is there, he cares for us and he speaks to us. The living Christ is the centre of our Faith. The great news, the gospel, is, that he rose to pave the path for us, to make it possible to return to that God who created us. He provided the means to experience this ultimate love Heavenly Father has for us. I will never want to miss my Faith, that I gained for myself.

How I live my faith

At church we have no paid ministry. All offices and callings are voluntary. During my "church life" I accepted different callings. I do enjoy being there for the church and I learned a lot through service in the church. I've been a teacher for different groups - children, youth and adults, I was part of a council to organise the group of the young adults of several wards, as a clerk I was responsible for the finances of a ward and as executive secretary I help to organise things for the bishop of the ward in the background. This is a calling I still execute at the moment, as well as being a teacher for the 8 to 12 year olds. Beside my callings, I attend church meetings every Sunday. Our next chapel is about 15 Miles from where I live. We start with a big meeting for the whole congregation. In this meeting the sacramony is served. We do have a bishop, but he is not the only one speaking every Sunday. Members of the ward are assigned to give talks about religious topics. So every once in a while I give a talk, too. Afterwards we have sunday-school classes according to age groups. Since I am a teacher, I teach my class every Sunday. Usually I teach the children stories out of the scriptures and help them understand what important lessons we can learn for our lives out of these. But to really answer the question "How I live my Faith", I must say that this is not all. Real Faith is not a Sunday thing. It is more of an attitude. I love my life and want to enjoy it at its best. So my Faith is part of my everyday life. It brings peace and joy if applicted. It's part of how I encounter others, I pray often for myself, every morning I wake up at least ten minutes early to have some time to study in my scriptures. Often times I think of my Heavenly Father and what he did for me. I do search to have time on my own to ponder and meditate about life and its purpose. My Faith is just a part of my life - always, wherever I am.