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Hi I'm Josh

Philosopher and great thinker I am not. Faith motivated student, for sure. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

The first thing that comes to mind when I try to describe myself is that I love sports, both playing and watching. My favorite sports to participate in are soccer and basketball, but basketball is definitely tops. I love watching any sport, but football and basketball rank highest with me. In general, I root for teams in the south, mainly because that's from where I hail. I have two brothers and one sister, they're all nuts but I love them anyway. My parents are great, they are strong examples of qualities I hope to possess. I also have three nephews and two nieces. The nephews are wild, the nieces little angels at least that's how it seems from an uncle's perspective. Right now I'm a student trying to earn a degree in Molecular Biology. I've always loved math and science, so getting to fill a semester full of those two pursuits is a passion. I hope to eventually land at a great law school. Life is crazy as a student, but it seems life just gets better and better. 

Why I am a Mormon

I've been asked this question several times. Over my life, my answer has changed, developed, and sharpened. I would say in general there is one common denominator to all the reasons I am a Mormon. I have had questions...Why this...or How does this work...Why does God do this...? Well, of all the questions I have ever had, none have ever returned to me unanswered with time. I've seen individual's faith rocked by unanswered questions, or challenges that were too great for them to bear. However, in this religion I believe that the Lord can reveal to anyone the answers they need at that specific point in time. It's incredible as I face any challenge, or experience any doubt, the answers come via the scriptures, wise friends, and loving family. I've had doubts, disappointments, and down times, but they are always alleviated by some grace that just doesn't seem to be of this world. Another reason I am a Mormon is because of the great promises that this religion believes the Lord has extended to us. He, God, has promised us that we can be with our families for eternity. I do not believe our families will simply be acquaintances on the "other side." I can't believe that because it would make the whole idea of putting us in families here just a simple biological happening. No, instead I choose to follow this faith because the beliefs here are unparalleled in potential happiness. The trials of this life just make sense because I have an understanding of the Lord's promises and purposes.

How I live my faith

I would say the way I try to live my faith is by trying to understand what it is I believe. I am a firm believer that if one knows what they believe, and truly understands it, then their life will indeed reflect those beliefs. Growing up, I had many opportunities to share what I believed. I feel like this is one of the greatest ways I lived my faith. In high school, my nickname was "Mormon," so I tried to live up to that. As the pressures of peers increased, I was challenged to live my faith by not choosing to participate in activities that would harm my body and mind. This is where I learned that to live one's faith means to be challenged in one's faith, and I am grateful for that challenge. Now I live in Utah, and the challenges of my peers are gone. So, I look for ways to challenge myself to be better. I would consider that one of the greatest tenants of my religion is that an individual never reaches a point where they are perfect or where God wants them to simply be content with their own righteousness. This causes me to pray and seek for opportunities to give meaningful service to an individual that God places in my path. My roommate and I are asked to teach and serve specific individuals in the same congregation as us. Also, I'm blessed to have the opportunity to teach a class that prepares individuals wanting to do missionary work for the church. Honestly, the responsibilities I am given in this church are a great blessing. I am thankful others serve me, and I get to serve them. 

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

Honestly, the only time I've ever experienced a situation where someone calls the Mormon Church a cult is when feelings are hostile and that individual is trying to get a negative response out of me. I feel originally, people out of not fully understanding our beliefs and doctrines may have genuinely seen the church as a cult. Rumor and hearsay create controversy about the Church that is unwarranted in my opinion. However, today it seems like the epithet "cult" is simply a means to get another "hot under the collar" or into a heated argument. A "cult" is defined as a system or establishment of set beliefs and teachings. I imagine this applies to just about every church or religion in the world, so it might be the best description of the Latter-Day Saint church. No, I would say what makes this church unique is also what makes it outstanding from the confusion of the world's philosophies about God, morality, and truth being absolute. A prophet of this church once stated that if a doctrine or principle being taught is false it will slowly dissipate with time into uncertainty and ambiguity (sorry for the paraphrase instead of a direct quote). Cults, in the most negative sense of the word, have always been shown to fall apart when severe challenges are placed before them. This church, historically speaking, has been challenged from its creation. Yet, it lasts, and every bit of persecution or nay saying has eventually dissipated with time. Ultimately, the reference to this church being a cult comes from severe misunderstandings or outright belligerence. Show more Show less