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Hi I'm Judy

I am a mother, grandmother, IS Manager, fiber enthusiast, techie, AND a Mormon! The gospel of Jesus Christ brings me great joy!

About Me

As a mother of five and grandmother of 13 (best grandkids in the world;0), I love my family. My family, quite simply, remains my most important and cherished possession. Raised with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I feel extremely fortunate to experience those blessings all throughout my life. With five children, I learned to garden, sew, cook, and definitely budget limited resources. I love the beauty of our earth experienced while nurturing and growing vegetables, flowers, and plants. Creating and designing clothes, home furnishings, and lately processing, dyeing, spinning, and knitting various animal fleeces, allows me to experience the joy of creation while providing a welcome relief from working in Information Systems solving problems in a stressful, demanding world. I love learning and value education. After one year at our university, I quit school to support our family while my husband finished his education. At the age of 40 when my children were grown, I returned and completed my degree, a lifelong dream. Passionate about learning, I read, study, and love to experience anything new. Learning and growing continue forever!

Why I am a Mormon

Being born into a Mormon family and baptized when I was eight, caused me as as a teenager to wonder if I truly chose this path. Have I had doubts and questioned my beliefs? Absolutely! With the agency granted us by our Heavenly Father, our responsibility to study and learn is a gift. Being raised with this knowledge provides in a way, a greater duty and responsibility to learn for ourselves while at the same time relying on parent's knowledge guiding and loving me to keep me from self-destructing while working through the process. Being able to live in an environment where the spirit can teach and help me, free from worldly destructive influences provides an incredible opportunity to learn and grow. Yes, I've made mistakes, I'm saddened to admit. However, the opportunity to repent, be forgiven, and experience the blessings of the atonement bring such gratitude and love for my Savior. I know, firsthand, of his love for me and all of His children. I've experienced it. Our Savior lives! That knowledge of Him is part of every fiber of my being. I cannot nor would not deny it. Learning to recognize what I've always known required time, study, prayer, and experiencing His love and forgiveness. Learning the Gospel line upon line, a little bit at a time, is God's plan for us. He grants unto us what we can handle and learn. As we learn more, He grants more. There is no end to learning and growing. It continues at my age and I'm sure will continue beyond this life. I can't imagine navigating through the tough, heart-wrenching experiences of our mortal existence without my Heavenly Father's love and guidance of the Spirit. Aligning my life to be worthy of the Spirit's guidance will always be my lifelong goal and desire. I'm grateful to a young boy of 14 who questioned, received an answer, and gave his life to restore truths so long lost. The truths contained in the Book of Mormon guide me daily, blessing my life.

How I live my faith

My faith defines me. Living the Gospel of Christ is a call to serve. Serving also brings a tremendous opportunity for continued growth. Being a member for the past 52 years allowed me the opportunity to serve and love so many people. From a dear older sister I visited as a visiting teacher, I saw a Christ-like example of service and love for others. This widowed sister, legally blind, was thrilled with the opportunity to serve others when she had to move into a home when her health failed her. I often think of her example when I struggle with my circumstances. I've worked with the Young Women program for oh, so many wonderful years. These dear, sweet, young women, now mothers who have young women themselves, I will always consider "MY" young women. Nothing like spending four sleepless nights with young women in the mountains, hiking, singing, cooking, and enjoying God's creations to bring you close. I've served in YW presidencies, Stake YW president, and advisor in the YW program. Nothing better! Family History (Genealogy) ... can I just do this forever? Finding and meeting my deceased ancestors as well as helping others find theirs remains a favorite opportunity to serve. I began by indexing hand-written records and felt the spirit so close for those whose records I extracted. When I began searching for my family, the spirit helped me find and learn of my ancestors sacrifices, examples, and struggles. Their examples provide strength and a real connection in my life. I consider myself extremely blessed to work with young, married women in a university ward teaching and training them as they learn to serve and teach each other. The women's organization provides an opportunity for women to lead, nurture, teach and care for each other. Nothing like it anywhere else in the world. I consider my most important calling is that of being a mother requiring sacrifice, stamina, and lots of prayer and definitely teaching me how to be more Christ-like.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Hey, I grew up in the late 60's and 70's ... the era of Women's Liberation! What the world taught then greatly influenced me, something that I had to work through and process. We live in an imperfect world with imperfect people. Christ's Gospel is not imperfect. The scriptures are filled with examples of His love and concern for women. Appearing after His resurrection to Mary, I don't believe was circumstantial. Christ honors and loves women, just as He does men. Have I experienced moments of discrimination in the past as a woman? Absolutely yes. However, as I stated previously, none of us are perfect people. That was many years ago in a different era. Through the years, I've learned to be more of a disciple of Christ and better value myself as one of His daughters with gifts and abilities unique to women. As a woman, I remain forever grateful for the opportunity to learn and receive truth and answers no differently than men. God is no respecter of persons or genders! As I've learned the precepts of the Gospel, I also learned of His love and respect for me as a woman. Being blessed with the opportunity and ability to give life to children allowed me to share in God's power of creation of life. What a blessing, families! I consider myself an educated, strong woman ... almost capable of leaping tall buildings! With God's help, I can do all things. Show more Show less