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Hi I'm Jarom

I'm a lover. I'm a thinker. I'm a fighter. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I don't know who said it but I believe that life is like a bowl of cherries, just waiting to be eaten. I grew up in the country, in the great state of Idaho (yes I do love a good french fry) with a large family. My parents philosophy was teach the kids how to work and so I had ample opportunity to work out in the yard, around the house, and on neighboring farms where I moved irrigation pipe to water the crops and also harvested potato's. I learned to appreciate lots of things growing up and have adopted an attitude of trying things at least once. I love the outdoors, hiking, backpacking, camping, biking, working outside, swimming, running, skiing, boating, intertubing, you name it. i am scared of heigths and can't take them very well so I lose my balance and get dizzy (terrible I know) but I try to conquer that one each time and I have a dream of sky diving soon. I love fine entertainment as well, MMA, the Octagon (just kidding about those last two) I love broadway, theater, music (I love all types but alternative rock mostly with a dash of r&b and anyone who can hold their own), books, art (just looking at), photography (I dabble in this), and of course: food. I love learning about people and things and different cultures and parts of the world and so right now my major in college is Political Science with an emphasis in international relations- yeah I know that that's boring to some but hopefully I can travel the world helping people have better lives. I love my family and my friends and really appreciate the people who I get to know and treasure the relationships that I have more than material possesions- I'm always interested in what they are up to in their life and what are they acheiving- even if we can't always be with someone you can always care about them. So in the long and short of it, I like to think I like just about everything and really try to try everything and am grateful for such a life style and belief system that really helps me accomplish what I want to accomplish and treasure what matters most to me.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? Good question! Growing up I had the blessing of having parents who cared and taught me about Jesus Christ and who listened to my questions about God, life, ect. and so I had a fundamental understanding about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, however there comes a point in peoples lives when they have to ask themselves why do they do something. I was 17 when I truely started to wonder if what I had been taught my whole life was true and if I was going to commit myself to it. I would say that the fundamental principle that helped me is that you can have personal answers to prayers, that God will specifically direct you where you should go in your life. Having the promise that I can recieve this knowledge from God independant of any other source excited me. Because of that knowledge I started to read the Book of Mormon and pray to find out if it really was translated by Joseph Smith and therefore the Church he founded was directed by God. It was a slow process. I wasn't the best or most consistent at reading scripture or at praying, but as I worked at it bit by bit it got easier. The answer didn't come at once for me, I had read through nearly the entire Book of Mormon untill one night I knelt down to pray. I don't know what was different about that night but I had all these questions swerling around in my mind. Is the Church true? Is it not? What would it mean if it isn't? How could I know myself? But when I started to pray it was just a miraculous feeling. I felt so peaceful and so happy! It was like I was in love or at least felt the same and I wanted to shout to the world about how I knew that the Book of Mormon was true! I felt all of that inside of myself and the questions that were roving about in my mind died down and I the only thought I could think of at that moment was that the Book of Mormon was translated by Joseph Smith and that this is Christ's true Church restored to the earth. That was a number of years ago and my testimony has been tested, strengthend and developed in many many ways. One of the things that I like to do the most is ask myself how has this blessed my life? I've seen my quality of life improved, my happiness grown, and peace of mind knowing that I can be with those that I love forever. I find such happiness helping others and seeing peoples eyes light up when they know someone cares. Being a Mormon has helped be be a better person, and enjoy life more while I receive answers about lifes deep meanings.

How I live my faith

My religion is a daily part of my life right now. I am serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We (as missionaries) might be the most visible part of the church that most people will experience in a life time, us knocking on their doors and trying to talk to you about relieigion. For most people that's all they see and all they know but really it is a lot more involved than that and a lot more meaningful if you know more about it. How I became a missionary started more than two years ago. I had decided that I wanted to serve a mission for the Church and indicated my desire to my Bishop (my congregation's pastor) he then interviewed me and found me worthy to represent the Lord's Church. So I then had to fill out a big application (commonly known as "the papers" for your Mormon friends) which was then sent to the Church Headquarters where a modern day Apostle of Jesus Christ received inspiration about where I should be sent for two years, (That, in and of itsself, is a neat thing, a prophet is receiving revelation about where are those people who need my specific help and where I can grow the most as a son of God, wow) turning out to be to Pennsylvania, in the greater Philadelphia region. Before we start our missions in where ever we are sent we spend 3 weeks in the Missionary Training Center (more if you have to learn a language) where they give you a crash course in how to do the next two years of your life well (with a lot of encouragement involved) after that you are sent to a place that is probably very new to you to start sharing what means the most to you to others. My call as a missionary gives me the authority to go and to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, the same authority that was given to Christ's Apostles 2,000 years ago (see Matt 10:1-2) and so I spend my days teaching the gospel to all that will listen. Whenever we don't have people to teach, or when we have a spare moment between appointments we go out and share the news of Christ's Church being restored in all it's fullness on the earth with others, hence us showing up on the door steps. We always try to convey our message in the most positive and respectful manner, and in whatever way that it could be applicable to you but most of the time we feel a bit inadequate in conveying how awesome this message really is while respecting your time, showing up un-announced. We do this from 10 am until 9 pm with an hour break for lunch and also for dinner, by doing this all day it unfortunately means that we are bound to catch someone at a bad time or at dinner for which we truely apologize. So we spend two years of our lives doing that with occasional meetings scattered throughout the week for training and for spiritual strength, we do have one day off a week to prepare by doing laundry and shopping and communicating with family. This is to help us be centered on our work throughout the week without worrying about questions such as: "When are we going to find time to buy toilet paper?" This is by far the most rewarding, demanding, and exciting thing that I have ever had the chance to do in my life. I meet so many people and get to hear about their deepest beliefs, fears, and convictions which is truely an eye opener for me. It shows and teaches me about how God truely loves all of his children and about how no matter where we are in caring for Him, he cares for us. His gospel is universal and is the key to peace and happiness. When I teach people about Jesus Christ and about how they can come closer to him, and when I see them find that true and unending happiness in their lives it is the most rewarding thing in the world. I love helping others in anyway I can (some one just asked me to help install cabnets, I have no idea how to, but I am game for it) and this is truely the help that anyone, no matter who they are, where they live, or how they live need.

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

For me the Mormon lifestyle is the best lifestyle that is available. The theory beind it is how can I have the best possible life? We as God’s children have the blessings of His guidance in our lives for our happiness and the so called restrictions that we face (no alcohol, no tea, coffee, tabacco, tatoo, premarital sex) are really just common sense ways to more happiness. It was funny, the other day I was in the doctor’s office and I had to fill out a medical history and it asked me if I did all of those things mentioned above. I thought, how neat is it that the things that have adverse affects on our bodies and our happiness are even medically advised against. As I live these various things, it is just bringing the maximum amount of happiness into my life with the least amount of heartache, all because God loves me. I was asked: “Don’t all those things bug you?” and my answer was no, they liberate me! Never having to worry about those things and have happy homes where the Spirit resides, all those restrictions just add to a happy healthier lifestyle that encourages all that is good with life. Show more Show less