What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Shalin

I'm a missionary for the Church. When I get home, I want to work in television and have my own family. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love computers and keeping up with technology! It is unbelievable to see how much we have progressed since even a decade ago. Whether it is video games, cell phones, graphics, or new types of televisions, we can easily see how much we continue to grow. I am currently serving as a missionary in the Idaho Pocatello Mission. Before that I was called to serve in the Ecuador Guayaquil South Mission, however, due to certain health problems, I had to leave. Before I decided to go on my mission, I was studying Broadcast Journalism at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University. There, I helped with a local college news program and I hope to go back and get my own show going!

Why I am a Mormon

I was baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when I was 9 years old. Before that, my family was rather inactive in the Church. Both of my parents are converts and have since then found a great peace in their lives that didn't exist before their membership. As time went by, after my baptism, I, too, realized how blessed we are as active and faithful members. Every time I go to Church, I have such a wonderful time. I enjoy feeling the Spirit of God and I love knowing that I am fulfilling my true potential as one of His children. I am so happy to be a member of the Church. Even with all the negativity that certain people express towards Mormons, I am comforted and srengthened in my faith as I easily and happily rely on my prayers to Heavenly Father. He calms my worries and brings peace to my heart. I know that He answers our prayers and has answered mine time and time again. When it comes to learning about Mormons, it's best to go to them to find out more and also to go in solemn prayer to God, our loving Heavenly Father.

How I live my faith

Before I came on my mission, I had several opportunities to serve within my branch back home. About 3 years ago, I was called to be a secretary for the Branch President (our ecclesiastical leader over our chapel) and I really learned what great love the leaders of the Church have for the members and for those who are investigating more about it. I remember several Sundays in which our Branch Presidency would be sorely concerned with the welfare of members in need, of those in the communtiy who had suffered certain losses, and many such things. I was also able to work with the men in the Church, ages 18 and above, and that was wonderful. I was able to teach on Sundays and I really learned the importance of brotherhood and fellowship. Being young, I knew that most of them were much more wiser than I; nevertheless, they treated me wonderfully and all together we learned so much. More recently, I was called to work with the youth, specifically the young men. On Sundays, I had the opportuntiy to teach them which was amazing. I could see how much the influence of Jesus Christ had helped them to direct their lives in love and appreciation for His great sacrifice for us. I learned so much from their examples. Right now, I am serving as a full-time missionary for the Church. I have witnessed first-hand the Gospel changed the lives of many people and have seen the joy that they have received as a result. It is wonderful to go out and serve everyone, whether it be physically or spiritually. I am so happy to be serving my Lord Jesus Christ as one of His authorized representatives.

What are Mormon Temples used for?

Temples have always held a special meaning within the Scriptures. Today, with modern Temples, we are able to do proxy work for those of our ancesters who have died without the chance to hear the Gospel preached in their day. Within the walls of the Temple, we can perform the ordinances of salvation for them on their behalf. This truly shows me the love and mercy that God shows to all of His children and I am thankful to have Temples today in my life. Show more Show less