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Hi I'm Eric

I am a convert and couldn't be happier.

About Me

I am 39 years old and am a recent convert. My wife was an active member when we met but I was not. After being married for two years I finally found what I needed and was baptized in September of 2010. My wife has three girls and one boy which I love like they were my own, although I don’t have any of my own.

Why I am a Mormon

 I grew up in a home that was not actively religious although I always believed in God but never had a relationship with him. When I was in my mid 20’s my father became very sick and spent nearly a year in the hospital paralyzed with a condition called Guillian Barre Syndrome. He was paralyzed from head to toe and was on a respirator which made it hard to communicate. With this syndrome you are completely lucid but in incredible pain. You lose all humility because you are paralyzed and have to have someone else bathe you and clean up after you. After about 10 months he was starting to show some improvement, which is true in most cases, when his liver failed. He fell into a coma he would never come out of. We made the painstaking decision to stop life support. After signing the paperwork with the hospital we had to wait 3 days for their legal department to approve it. During those three days we spoke about the decision and how hard it was going to be while we were visiting in his hospital room. I am convinced he heard us and didn’t want us to have to live with that so he let go of this world. I won’t go into the horrible things he endured during those 10 months but suffice it to say, they were awful. After this I was angry and wondered how any God could let this thing happen to such a good man. During this same time I got married about a month before he died and things fell apart in my marriage and we were divorced within six months. I began to get angrier and angrier with God and over the next 10 years slowly fell to becoming an Agnostic. I came to Utah to start a business and met a small town girl who was an active Mormon with four kids. Because I was an outsider I had the same misconceptions as the rest of the world about Mormons. I was terrified about dating a Mormon with four kids but for some reason I just could not stay away. I did everything I could to talk myself out of going forward with the relationship, but there was a pull that I could not overcome. I fell in love with her and her kids, and were married about two years later. We agreed that if she didn't push me, I would keep an open mind and would not talk negatively about the faith. However, because I was not a member, there were some concerns but we decided to overcome them one by one. I found those concerns to be unfounded and that Mormons are just regular people. They didn’t judge me, push me, or preach to me. While attending her parents 50th anniversary at a park in Saint George, UT right next to the Temple, I was involved in a conversation with others about being sealed to your family. A very strong worry came over me “What if this is real and I get to heaven only to find out I can’t be with my wife”? It actually startled me so much that I decided to start my investigation of the Church that day. After the party we went through the visitor's center which was a wonderful experience in itself. I have been very blessed to have such a wonderful wife who helped me during my investigation without pushing or making me feel like everyone was out to convert me. My next door neighbor, someone I have always looked up to, later became our Bishop and my neighbor across the street is a former Bishop. Having these great families right next door gave me some great help in finding hard answers. I wasn’t ready to meet with the Missionaries yet so my neighbor and his father offered to meet with me on a regular basis. I had some hard questions that I was afraid might cause some tension between my wife and I so this was a huge option for me. I had mentioned that eventually I had to ask myself what I was waiting for. He looked at me and said “So what are you waiting for”? It was then I decided that I had all the information I needed and it was time to take a leap of faith, I just didn’t know how. I had gone to church with my wife a few times in the past but one Sunday morning I got this strong feeling I needed to go to with her that morning. During my investigation I was running a business that was on its way out of business which meant I was going to lose everything I owned. During church a gentleman gave a talk that I know was directly from our Heavenly Father to me. It was based on work versus family. This was my “2X4 Moment”. Kind of like have a metaphoric 2X4 slapped upside your forehead. The feeling I suddenly had was something that could never be described. It was overwhelming to the point I was having a difficult time breathing and had to leave in a hurry so I could get outside to catch my breath. While the rest of my family went to their classes I came home. I dropped to my knees and for the first time prayed with complete humility and an open heart. During this prayer I was given my testimony of Jesus Christ and the Prophet Joseph Smith. This was the leap of faith I was looking for. It was hard for me to accept everything at all at once, but after I did I realized why God only shows the faithful the proof. It was then I decided to convert and the only thing I regret was not doing it sooner. There is no better feeling than knowing you are on the right path to eternal life and complete happiness. If you are thinking about converting and are not sure, with an open mind ask a member to give you a blessing and you will feel the spirit, I promise.  

How I live my faith

 Shortly after I converted I was called to be a Primary Teacher. Teaching young children has taught me more than I could have ever learned by studying or going to classes. I didn’t understand why I was receiving this calling at first but now it is obvious that my Bishop had some inspiration from our Heavenly Father. As a family, we are very consistent with holding Family Home Evening every Monday night. Family Home Evening has been a wonderful experience and has truly blessed our home with the spirit. It has brought the family closer together and with kids ranging from 10 to 16, it has helped us communicate both spiritually and in every day life. I also try to practice my Priesthood Authority as much as possible. Giving blessings for the sick, for comfort, or a Father’s Blessing has been an amazing experience. There is no better feeling that inviting the spirit into your life and feeling it at the same time.  

What is the priesthood?

 The official definition is "The authority to act in God's Name". If you want to really be humbled, it is the same power Jesus Christ used to perform miracles while he was on the earth. From healing the sick to raising the dead. The big key here is that He was PERFECT, which gave his Priesthood the power to do these marvelous things. I have used my Priesthood Authority to bless our house, bless my children, bless the sick, and ordain my son with the Aaronic Priesthood. When you are ordained to the either the Aaronic or Melchizedek Priesthood, or use them to give blessings, there is a feeling that can not be described unless you have been there. I believe that is why some people think Mormons are so secretive. Because the feelings and experiences are indescribable. Show more Show less