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Hi I'm Mark

About Me

27 Years old, I work at a timeshare exchange company and I get paid to send folks on vacation. I recently returned home from a 2 year mission in the Utah Salt Lake City South Mission. I lived all my mortal life thus far in the same North-east corner of Indianapolis, Indiana. I am one of 10 kids, the 3rd oldest, with the oldest two already married with families that will last forever. I currently serve as the 2nd councilor in Elders Quorum, in the Indy YSA branch here in Indianapolis. I enjoy the outdoors, shooting guns, getting to know new people and new customs, and the joy that comes from keeping the commandments of God.

Why I am a Mormon

It is far much more than a way I was brought up. The fact that each one of us has agency which allows us to choose the path we would like, has the most to do with where I am today, and where I plan to be in the future. Although I was raised in the church, was baptized when I was 8, and went to church with my family all of my life that I lived at home... I had not yet recieved a knowledge of the truthfulness of the gospel until about 2 years ago. It was then when I realized that the life I was leading and living was not in harmony with what the Almighty God had in store for me. It was up to me 100% to make that decision to Change my life around, and do the things that he would have me do, and go where he wants me to go. So why am I Mormon? Because I KNOW it's truth from God.

Personal Stories

Please share your feelings/testimony of Joseph Smith.

Throughout the history of the world, down from the very dawn of creation to the very moment in which you now stand, The Almighty God has seen fit in his ultimate wisdom to demonstrate his love for us by sending us Leaders. These leaders are called Prophets. The purpose of a 'Prophet' is to "act as God's messenger and make known his will." B.D. 'Prophet' From the very beginning God has called Prophet's to 'make known God's will.' It started from Adam, and continued to Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Elijah the Tishbite and so forth. Even now, because that very same God loves us just as much today as he did when he founded and created the world in which we walk upon, he has called a prophet to open this dispensation, and lead us to the way of Eternal Life. This man's name was Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith was called as a young boy to do a great and marvelous work. I know that he saw what he said he saw in the grove of trees. I know that God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ truly did show themselves to him in a glorious manner. I know also that Joseph Smith recieved the preiesthood authority of God by the hands of Peter, James and John themselves! How wonderful and great this man was, who communed with Jehova! I know that he was annointed to become a Prophet and Seer in this dispensation.  

How I live my faith

I pray for Missionary experiences daily. For individuals that I know to ask questions about why I dont hang out in bars, or clubs and get wasted passed the point of comprehension. I trust in the Lord daily to lead me through lifes ups and down.