What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Kyle

I grew up in Las Vegas. I am a lawyer, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a lawyer. That means lots of work in an office, but I am glad to have such a wonderful career. I am single, and I live in an apartment with my two pet snakes (you can see one of them in the picture!). I enjoy participating in my single's congregation for both social and spiritual aspects. i also act in a local theater group. I love meeting people and learning about them. In my freetime, I collect and play board games. I own several hundred of them! Someday, I hope to design my own board game, but for now Additionally, I play in a local cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which is fabulously fun!

Why I am a Mormon

God fills a place in my soul that no one else can reach. I have always believed in him, and I have always believed in Jesus Christ. They fill me; they make me whole; they give my life meaning. Obviously, I could experience my connection with them in any church or context, but simply put, I experienced a conviction that this is where they want me to be. I believe that the Mormon church is the best way for me to serve them. I believe that God does speak to men, even today. In a world of cynicism and doubt, there are some people who can still reach the light and reflect it to the world. These prophets are in the Mormon Church. Finally, the church helps me feel closer to God. It gives me opportunities to study and share and help others. And it encourages me to study all the words of God and share my insights with others. Jesus Christ is my savior, and this is the church that will help you connect to him on a level you had never thought possible.

How I live my faith

The church teaches us how we should live, and leaves us to decide what level we want to participate on. This is God's plan, anyway. In the Mormon church, there are many different ways to serve, and different people participate differently. For me, religion is a very personal thing, and I wrship best in the confines of my own soul. Therefore, most of living my faith involves quiet contemplation of the word of God, and frequent prayers. But Jesus spoke against keeping lights under bushels, so rather than keeping my light to myself, the church helps me to let it shine to guide others as well. Currently, I serve in the Sunday School, which (unlike in other churches) is a scripture-study class for adults. I often prepare lessons about the scriptures, and I work with many other talented people to help others discover the light that comes from the word of God. I also write a weekly blog on the assigned readings. This is a way to help other people understand the scriptures.

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

Probably two reasons. First of all, Mormons tend to be "clanish." I mean, we tend to band together and support each other, and this sometimes seems strange to outsiders. Second, people often believe what they hear, rather than investigating things for themselves. People who do not understand the Mormons often pretend that they do, and this is how false rumors get spread! Show more Show less

Do Mormons regard the Bible as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

Most certainly! Personally, I love the Bible, especially the Old Testament. You can see this from my blog, which has featured the Old Testament extensively and will now be focusing on the New Testament. Mormons look forward to any of God's revealed truth, regardless of the source. We have an "open canon" in that we are always looking for what God will reveal, and we are encouraged to go to him for further knowledge as well! Show more Show less

What are Mormon Temples used for?

The temple is a place where we go to worship and pray. It is a little different from our churches, though. To understand the temple, I find it useful to make a comparisson. Anyone who is familiar with the differences between typical Protestant worship and typical Catholic worship will understand this. Our regular Sunday services are much like a Protestant service: free-form, casual, with a great deal of participation from the congregation. There is very little "ritual" and very little mystery. On the other hand, in the temples, we participate in religious ceremonies that are more "Catholic" in nature. The service is always the same, and it is always quiet and peaceful. After the services are concluded, there is time for reflection in a quiet and beautiful place. Other posts from other people will tell you about the kind of worship that goes on in the temple, but I think the most important thing about it (from my perspective) for an outsider is to understand what it is like. The temple is a place set apart from the rest of the world. Not everyone can go inside, and this ensures that only those who are mature and sincere go in. Much like you don't want tourists in a church taking pictures and disrupting the service, we don't allow such things in the temple. On the whole, though, the services involve prayer and meditation on the mysteries of God and his dealings with mankind. Though more formal than regular Sunday services, the Temple offers much the same opportunity to study and learn of God's love. Show more Show less

Are Mormons Christians?

Most certainly! We believe in Christ and we accept him as our one and only savior. Show more Show less

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

Actually, I think a "Mormon Lifestyle" is much like any other lifestyle. The difference is, the church encourages us to take time for God each day and each week. Mormons tend to pray daily and to attend church services weekly. But other than that, we live normal lives. We try to be good examples of Christian values, to be honest in our dealings, to work hard. We emphasize love for our fellow man and our families, much as Jesus directed. Show more Show less

Do Mormons practice polygamy?

No. Show more Show less