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Hi I'm Andrea

I'm full-time mom of three bright, beautiful, crazy kids. I'm a teacher, reader, scientist, writer, and artist. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have been many things in life: a receptionist at a veterinary clinic, an artist, a student, a research assistant, a scientist, a writer, an elementary art and music specialist, and a 6th-grade teacher. But the best thing I have ever done and do is to be a wife and stay-at-home full-time mom. My family is my greatest joy! We love to sing together, watch movies, read, play, and just spend time with one another. I don’t have much of that elusive thing called “free time,” but when I can, I like to read all kinds of books, draw or paint, scribble some poetry, do craft or sewing projects, dabble in home improvement, attempt to grow a garden, gaze at the stars, do sudoku, hula dance, bake, or learn new things. I love music and science and history. I love to be outside and I am fascinated and awed by the marvels of nature—the Earth, the universe, the minutiae and the vastness of all God’s creations. There is so much that is good and beautiful and remarkable in and all around us. I am constantly amazed by the many evidences of Heavenly Father's love for me and my family. His love is truly endless and can never be fully understood, but it can surely be felt and seen and experienced all the time!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into my church. I grew up learning about my Savior, Jesus Christ, and His gospel. I don’t have an amazing story about my conversion. But every time I read the scriptures, every time I pray, every time I ponder on what life is about, every time I look at the stars, every time I look at the faces of my children, every time I share with others or give service—every time I live my faith, that is when I know that what I believe is true and right and that my Heavenly Father does know me and loves me and cares for me. I’m a Mormon because I know my church is true. No one makes me continue to live my faith; in fact, some of my family members growing up decided to leave behind anything to do with our faith. They made their own decisions about things, and as a teenager I knew that I had to figure things out for myself—if I really believed everything I had ever been taught, if my church was true, if I was doing the right thing, if God was really there. When I wondered and doubted, I did as directed in the Bible—to ask God. And He has always answered my prayers. I have tried my faith by living Christ’s gospel as I had been taught, and seeing what the results have been. I am not perfect. My life has not been perfect. Many times it has not been easy. But it has been good, and I have felt the reassurance of knowing that what I am doing is right, and I am continually blessed by the love and grace and redeeming power that comes through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

In a general sense, I live my faith by trying to be like Jesus Christ. I try to be honest, patient, loving, kind, and generous to everyone. I maintain high standards of moral cleanliness. I pray and read my scriptures and seek Heavenly Father’s direction daily. I love my husband and children and family and strive to show them that by the things I say and do and the time I spend with them. I visit with and strengthen other families and women in my area, being their friends, and supporting them in their needs. I try to follow promptings of God's Spirit when I feel I need to say something to someone who needs hope or cheer, or visit someone I have not seen in a while, or to do good. I am part of my church's women’s organization. We work to meet families’ physical and spiritual needs and provide relief for those who are struggling—and this includes members of our church and those who are not members. Our organization helps strengthen homes and families and bring people closer to Christ. We provide service for our area and help to lift and teach one another. Specifically, I help teach the women how to live providently--to be frugal and prepared for hard times, to be more self-sufficient, to provide better for their families, to be grateful and happy for what they are given and be better able to serve those around them.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

"All things denote there is a God...". I firmly believe that! A principle I learned in biology is, "Form fits function"--which means that each physical structure is the way it is so it can do what it's supposed to do. A fish has gills to breathe, and not lungs, because it must take oxygen from its watery environment. You can tell that a lion is a predator because it has very pronounced canine teeth for grasping and killing its prey as well as shearing teeth for cutting up the meat it eats... There is such perfection and efficiency and beauty in that principle, and I see it all over creation! I find it to be a great expression of God's wisdom and intelligence. I also see the existence of God in the exceptions to that principle. There are many things in creation that could exist more simply, be less colorful, less intricate. For example, I marvel at the many shapes, sizes, textures, patterns, and colors on seashells. The variety is infinite! The basic purpose for each shell is the same--to protect the soft bodies of the creatures that live therein--so why the need for so many differences? Why not have every shell be the same color, same shape? Why do some shells have marvelous color or iridescence hidden on the inside where it will serve no purpose, unseen, unknown? I think it is a beautiful expression of God's love for us that there are things, too, in nature, that are lovely, interesting, and delightful to us, although they don't have a specific biological function. Show more Show less