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Hi I'm Benjamin Bennett

I was born and raised in southern Alberta, Canada. I love science and philosophical thinking. I love my family and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born three months premature with my twin fraternal sister. We weighed three pounds each. Miraculously, we were blessed with no complications and love to run, play sports, sing, play music, and have fun. My favourite sport is soccer but I also play volleyball, basketball, football etc. and I like to swim. I like to be social and enjoy company, however, there is nothing better than personal time to read, walk around in nature and really ponder life's mysteries and be lost in your own thoughts. I've often wondered if there can be a happy medium between extrovertion and introvertion. Haha. I play piano, trumpet, baritone, and guitar. I love all types of music. I have worked many jobs from housekeeping and working at a golf course to landscaping and selling security. The main job that I do is Lifeguard at various places. I have attended a year of University and now I am out on a mission spreading the gospel for two years.

Why I am a Mormon

One could say I am a Mormon because my parents are and my family but I would argue that no Mormon is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because of their parents or anyone else. Being Mormon is a choice and I, like I am sure everyone else, had to seriously contemplate and ask myself if this religion was true. I am a very analytical and critical person myself. I am lucky to have been born into the Church because that has given me the opportunity to have done plenty of in-depth studies into the validity of the Book of Mormon and the history of the Church. Simply, it came down to realizing that the Church is the only church that makes sense in christianity and if it's not the true church of God then no church is. However, simple human knowledge will only get you so far in life. Reading the Book of Mormon has always enlightened my understanding and provided me with a sacred feeling. In conclusion, there is only one source that is the source of all truth and that is God and his confirming witness and testator: The Holy ghost. Asking in sincere prayer about whether the Book of Mormon was true and if Joseph Smith was a prophet and if what I was doing was right gave me the answer from the Holy Ghost. There is a lot of truth and good things out in the world but this has everything. That is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

 I am serving a mission for two years for my church to be able to share what I know to be true. I don't say, think, or do anything that would lead me not to be proud in the sight of God. I don't drink alcohol, smoke, or anything like that. I try to pattern my life after Christ.

Why did your church previously practice plural marriage (polygamy)?

Benjamin Bennett
Simply, as the official answer from the Church explains, it is that The Lord has commanded his prophets to "raise up seed unto [Him]" in the beginning of the Lords' Kingdom through His early servants, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Moses, David, and Solomon. Therefore, the question is not if Polygamy is right but if Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. Make no doubt, if Joseph Smith was not a prophet of God and was not commanded to do so, Plural marriage is an abomination and is a very legitimate concern. The way we can determine if Joseph Smith is a true prophet in these latter days is by heeding the advice of Jesus Christ himself telling us, "[y]e shall know them by their fruits". The fruit of Joseph Smith is the Book of Mormon. If the Book of Mormon is the word of God then Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God and then he was justly commanded by the Lord to "raise up seed unto [Him]". Show more Show less