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Hi I'm Karsen

I grew up in a small town. It's cool to rock out every once in a while. I enjoy simple things. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Well, there's a lot to me. I hope that I can sufficiently describe myself in this small box. Pretty sure I can if I try hard enough, though. I'm simple, yet have many underlying and quirky qualities. I served a two-year mission for the LDS church in Portland, Oregon, where I learned that nothing is better than sharing the gospel with others. I grew up in a small town in Utah, where everyone seems to know each other. I am a self-proclaimed "geek" who loves school very much. I was blessed with a mind able to grasp concepts quickly, and I have maintained the self-discipline necessary to succeed with my education. I currently attend Brigham Young University studying Accounting. I want to receive my Masters of Accountancy and CPA license, but my specific future profession still eludes me. I love being busy, and participating in any form of leadership, service, or academic group that I can get my hands on. To me, an idle mind is surely Satan's greatest way to lead me astray. So, I choose to fill my time with with many positive people and and a network of good influences. I love music, and probably would choose to live my life in a large music box. I really can't get enough concerts in my life. I also love to dance and cook.

Why I am a Mormon

It wasn't always this way. I grew up going to a small-town Christian church with my grandmother. That's where I believe I got my basic understanding of God, even though I didn't quite understand everything about God. My mom was a member of the LDS church, but my dad was not. When I was about 10 years old I was taught about the LDS church by missionaries from Ohio and Taiwan. I will always remember them. I was happily baptized but quickly fell away. I would occasionally attend a church service in the LDS church, and even my dad was baptized after a time, but I didn't fully believe or understand the doctrine of our Heavenly Father. As I went through my early teenage years I remember being frantically afraid of death. There were times when I would think about the black emptiness that appeared to be death, and my heart would begin to race. I had a difficult time understanding the after-life. I didn't really seek God in my life to find answers. I went on to live what I would label a "normal" teenage live, full of mistakes and triumphs. However, I was mostly a somber youth, and I never realized what exactly was missing from my life. When I was a junior in high school one of my friends invited me to attend seminary, which is where high school students learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I was hesitant to attend at first, but I felt something unique when I entered that building. I remember how I excited I was to learn about the Old Testament of the Bible. The changes that occurred in my countenance were clear. I was on fire, and I sometimes couldn't quench my thirst for the Spirit. Since those very memorable days of seminary, I have only increased my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I became active in the church, even though I attended Sunday meetings by myself. It was challenging at times, but completely worth it in the end. I could never deny the Spirit that I felt as I studied the scriptures and felt the Spirit return to my life.

How I live my faith

I served as a missionary for the LDS church in Oregon, and I was never been happier. Every day I look for opportunities to share what I know to be true about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I try to share my testimony of the Book of Mormon and the Prophet Joseph Smith whenever I get the chance. I know that others are truly drawn to people who carry the Spirit, so I strive each day to be worthy of having the Holy Spirit by my side. I try each day to grow closer to my Savior, Jesus Christ, through increased faith and daily repentance. I plan on continually looking for opportunities to help others and show them the blessings that come from living a Christ-centered life. A life devoted to God is true happiness that cannot be the result of man, but, rather, from the knowledge that our Heavenly Father has more in store for us after this life.

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

Our Heavenly Father is a God of love. I have a personal witness that He exists, and hears the prayers that we offer to Him. Gaining a personal relationship with Heavenly Father is simple, but requires effort. First, we need to pray to Him. Let Him know the thoughts and feelings of your heart and soul. Ask Him to give you guidance, and for help to recognize the wonderful blessings that He has given to you. I promise that He will reveal His ways and His will for you through His spirit, the Holy Ghost. It is our job to seek Him, and also our duty to recognize the way that He answers our prayers. We also need to know God's attributes and teachings, if we want to know who He is. We must read His scriptures Holy Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price. As we seek God through these sacred records, we learn of Him. The scriptures contain powerful stories of our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ, and help me to know how they want me to live my life. The scriptures teach of simple doctrines, such as faith and charity. I know that each of us can develop a personal relationship with God. He is there, and He waits for us with open arms if we are willing to find Him. Show more Show less

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

Missionaries can sometimes be a funny sight. if you have ever seen missionaries riding their bikes with a suit and tie, while carrying a backpack, maybe you got a good laugh. However, the Savior has commanded the members of His church to preach the gospel, and to search for those who are seeking Him but do not know where to find Him. Mormon missionaries devote two years of their lives to share a message that is fundamental to their spiritual makeup. This message is that God has a plan for each one of us, and that plan involves our families being together forever in never-ending happiness. If you had a knowledge of this wonderful truth, wouldn't you want to share it? I know and promise that if you allow the missionaries into your home, and you listen to them with an open mind and heart, that the spirit of their message will change you forever. It changed me. I am the product of missionaries who were willing to preach of Jesus Christ. I know that missionaries change lives, and I'm thankful for every missionary who serves with all of their heart, might, mind and strength. Show more Show less