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Hi I'm Glenn

I'm a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

About Me

I spent 36 years of my life looking for what I called "home", I have now found it... ;-)

Why I am a Mormon

I have served in the Australian Military, namely the Royal Australian Navy for 10 years. My family had some belief towards Christianity, though I wasn't raised in any church. One day after life had become just so difficult, I asked "God" whom I now refer to as Our Heavenly Father, for a sign for help. I needed to find my way "home". 2 odd hours later 2 missionaries knocked on my door where I greeted them with "Hi.... sorry already have your "Watchtower" magazine". They looked at each with confusion and said "Well, we haven't got a magazine to give, we are from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints". I said "Hmmm that is a Jehova Witness right?", their reply "No, we are Mormons". I was confused and said "Aren't Mormons all like on TV, preaching to donate to the church singing and preaching?", their reply "No, that's not us"..... then I had to know more about them, even though I was thinking at the time that this "could waste my time". At the end of discussion 45 mins had passed and the missionaries asked me, "Well we would like to come back for another appointment, when are you free?". I was firstly thinking, "you had no appointment in the first place"....however I wasn't really all that keen in my mind. I went to say "No thank you", when the following came out "Yes sure, I would love that". It was my first experience in the Holy Ghost talking me, it was quiet and calm, yet reassuring. I had that appointment and many more. I got baptised 6 weeks later after stating that I would take 12 months to "research" the church. Now as a member, I am so grateful for the missionaries and the great members throughout the world. I have had the blessings of bringing friends and loved ones into the church. My life is fulfilled, not because I have these amazing new friends, for this definately adds to my life, but rather I have found my way "home" to where I belong. The feeling you are in the right place on a spiritual level just gives you a sense of great love that Our Heavenly Father has for us all.

How I live my faith

We often hear how harsh the world is. Did you know that some statistics say that like nearly 2 billion people can even barely read or write? Let alone the numbers who don't have access to clean water? So for me, service work is really important. Around 4 billion people believe in Jesus Christ, yes that is even the Mulsim's believe in Him. We might have a few differing views, but they too believe in His amazing gift to the world. He lived a life of service work and helping out others, especially when some would not. I try to live my life close to His example, it isn't easy, but it surely is rewarding.