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Hi I'm Bryant Adams

I grew up in 5 western states I spent my career as a biochemist and environmental engineer. I love being a Mormon.

About Me

From a certain age of my youth I have loved the truth and wanted to do what was right and good, even though I have not always done what was right and good. But experiences in my life have increased my desire for the right and for truth in my life. One of those experiences was a severe case of rheumatic fever that I had at the end of my 8th grade. That was followed a year later by an accident I had with a freight train running over my foot. I was and am so grateful for the recovery of these and other illnesses and accidents that I want to help other people avoid the pains and suffering of physical and emotional ailments. To this end, after my bachelors degree in chemistry I went on to obtain a Masters and a doctorate in biochemistry with the intent of doing cancer research and possibly teaching in college. My career has been as a research biochemist for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and later as an environmental engineer in industry after which I formed a non profit research corporation, built my own laboratory and am now completing a decade of research with rainbow trout on possible cures for liver cancer. I enjoy good music and have participated in choir, operetta, and in band and orchestra on the Trumpet and French Horn. Also serve in church and community.

Why I am a Mormon

The point of reference to which we tie our decisions and actions determines the outcome of our lives - whether to a fixed eternal standard that provide a straight path to growth and to the presences of God, or contrariwise to the shifting values of the day that are self oriented and defined by the passions of each person or news media, which ultimately lead to destruction by drugs and behavioral disease. The Gospel of Jesus Christ delivered by our creator is a fixed eternal standard. It involves obedience to covenants with God to live the laws of chastity, health laws (that we call the Word of Wisdom), the ten commandments and all that God has revealed through past and living prophets. Because of the atonement of Christ all mankind has access to God through prayer, and because of the atonement, God can answer those prayers and even reveal himself to whomsoever He desires. The message of this church is 1. that God did answer the sincere prayer of Joseph Smith in 1820 about which church he should join, and 2. that God will answer the sincere prayer of any person praying with real intent. Real intent meaning "Intent to obey what is right, or what God asks of us in answer to our pleas. I know this because I have asked and have received the unmistakable answer that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is directed by the Lord Jesus Christ and that the Prophets and Apostles are the Lords agents in that church.

How I live my faith

I believe in God the Eternal Father and in His son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost and in the Holy Scriptures as the word and will of God as delivered to past and present chosen prophets. My experience as a Chemist and as a Christian has taught me that order, beauty and useful productivity are the result of divine investiture of intelligence and blessings. No more can life and humanity nor social order develop by chance or on it’s own, without guidance from God, than can a balloon blow air into itself or a drinking glass fill itself with water. I live my belief by daily study of the scriptures, daily prayer, regular church attendance and service in the church and in the community. I welcome and continually look for truth about the universe and about our immediate environment. I adhere to covenants to spouse and God in marriage by living the laws of chastity and health and providing the necessities and comforts of life for family members, both financially and spiritually. I also practice obeying the laws of the land and revere the U.S. constitution as the highest law of the land.