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Hi I'm Jorge

I grew up in New York City where I was raised Catholic. Later on in life, I moved to Chicago and now I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in New York City where I was raised Catholic. I met my wife there and we both decided to move back to her homeland, Chicago. Life in the Midwest has been a lot of fun over the past few years. We now have a son who is a blessing in our lives. I am currently a student in pursuit of a Business Management degree. I enjoy spending time with my family, listening to music, and having fun.

Why I am a Mormon

For a long time, I fell off the path of worshiping God. It became natural for me to think about how God was a fictitious character and the Ten Commandments were a lie. I did not believe in God or in any organized religion. It was just something that I was forced into.To me, God could not exist. I thought "Well, if God does exist, then why does he allow evil to exist? If God does exist, why do people die or get sick? I could literally go on and on for days about these types of questions that I pondered to myself. The bottom line was that God did NOT exist for me, and I never, NEVER, thought that I would worship him again. The story begins to change as soon as soon as I met my wife. She was actually raised a Mormon, but admittedly I was still not interested in the Church after we were married, nor did any of my views change for another three years. One night I was willing to have dinner with Missionaries, after avoiding them for many months. It took MANY months of tough conversations and a TON of soul searching. I promised that I would pray daily, read the Scriptures, and attend Church on Sundays, hoping that one day I would learn to prove them wrong and know that this was just some other form of "organized religion". I was wrong. I recall one day watching a film that they had told me to watch about the Savior, as soon as I saw Jesus, a feeling came over me that I could not describe. I felt a warm hand on the back of my neck, and it gave me a warm feeling. I felt the room get brighter and I began to cry. It did not stop until the end of the movie. I knew then and there what it was, it was the Spirit of God, and I felt my heart smile. From then on I knew that God existed and that this was the true Church. Since then, I have been able to feel the Spirit many more times. It is a feeling so indescribably wonderful that once you know it, you can't unknow it. I testify that this Church is the true Church of God on Earth knock, and it shall be opened onto you.

How I live my faith

Since I became a member, I do my best to live my life like Jesus did. Sometimes when I need to make a decision about something, I ask myself: "What would Jesus do?" This helps me to Choose the Right and press forward living a good life. Since my baptism, I have received the priesthood as well as other callings. I am currently a 'Ward Missionary'; basically this means that I assist out full-time Missionaries helping to teach the Gospel to others, as well as bearing my testimony to others. I am also an Assistant Scout Master; this calling is a fun one for me personally in that I get to assist out young scouts in achieving their badges and other goals they have. A third calling that I have been given is that of a home teacher. I have a partner that has the same calling and we visit other homes of members as well as non-members to help teach the Gospel. I do all of these callings because I want to, free of charge. I am very blessed to be able to have these callings and I look forward to many more.

What is done with the tithing that Mormons pay?

This is something that I love about the Church that I did not understand at all when I first started. Tithing is a commandment of the Lord. Like anything else, it is up to us weather or not we want to pay our tithing. Nobody is forcing us, and nobody knows each others financial status. I recall the Missionaries promising me the many blessings of paying tithing. All I can say is that I have been blessed by paying my tithing. Anyhow, the tithing we pay goes towards many things. Basically it helps run the Church in that it builds buildings, keeps them running, goes towards disaster situations, helps to fund Missionaries during their mission, food storage, and the list goes on and on. Show more Show less

How can I know Mormonism is true?

The way that I came to know that it is true is through the Spirit of God. You must ask with a sincere heart and be willing to pray, read Scriptures, and attend Church on Sundays. Although this seems like much, you can do little by little just like I did. God is waiting for us to come home. All we have to do is knock on the door. Show more Show less

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

A testimony is a personal statement about how you believe in God. It has many forms such as speeches, stories, or websites like this one. It's my story about how I know this Church is the true Church of Christ. Show more Show less

Can you tell me about Mormon customs: how you dress for church, what holidays you celebrate, etc.?

When I first started to go to Church, I saw everyone dressed in a dress or suit. I felt out of place. Don't be intimidated, I went to Church the first few times with a polo and khakis. I came to realize that we should always look best for the Lord. I think about it as: if you were going to meet God in his house tomorrow: how would you dress? Show more Show less