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Hi I'm Joe

About Me

I'm the third out of four kids, and I work at a bank. I love playing just about any kind of sport, listening to music, or just spending time with my friends and family.

Why I am a Mormon

My Mom is a convert of about 30 years and she has always loved living the gospel as long as I can remember, and certainly longer than that. It took me a long time to find my place in the church, and if I even wanted to continue attending. I loved the activities that were hosted by the church, but as far as living the gospel itself was concerned it took a while for me to mature and realize how important it really is. I've realized over the past few years that living the Gospel of Jesus Christ will help us through any or our challenges and concerns, and studying the scriptures, both The Bible and The Book of Mormon will give us strength to overcome whatever obstacles we face today, even though they were written thousands of years ago, I found that they still apply to our lives today. It has brought happiness to many people, including myself, my family and those I'm currently serving on my mission. Now, the reason I stay a Mormon is because quite simply, its true!

Personal Stories

Why do Mormons go on missions?

I'm pretty sure everyone goes for their own reasons. Personally, I went because I feel I have a wonderful gift in my life and I needed to share what I know with others. I was really close to not going on a mission, but I learned how important the gospel is, and what blessings come from living it and sharing it. Teaching others the message about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and how its been restored to the earth has helped me feel a stronger peace in my life and knowing that God truly loves us. I went on a mission to help others feel that same peace and happiness I feel.

How I live my faith

Right now I live my faith by sharing it! I love getting out there and talking to people and letting them know I'm a normal person with probably very similar likes and dislikes. I value the same things that they do, and I love living and learning more about the Gospel. Before coming out on a mission I worked with people around my own age group and helped them with whatever their needs may be. Service is a very important principle taught in the church. I've learned how good it makes you feel after you help someone with something, whether its digging a ditch, cleaning a house, helping someone move, providing a meal to someone who can't provide it for themself, clearing some yard waste, or even just listening to someone...and how good it makes them feel also.