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Hi I'm Jeremy

I grew up in Heidelberg, Germany, learned music and have played all over the world. I'm a Mormon

About Me

When I was young I was very naive. As I get older I realize more and more how much I never knew growing up. I never knew why my mom would talk to random people in the shopping line at stores, or why baptism was actually important. I never knew how good people are, and that they exist outside of me. Today I am still naive, I don't know why people do the things they do or are the way they are. I don't know why God asks what He asks, but I know God exists and I'm grateful He does. I'm married with kids. I have a wonderful wife who is so faithful and full of an entrepreneurial spirit. We been through a lot together and I'm grateful she is in my life to support me. My two sons are beautiful. My oldest would have been a year and eight months, but tragically he passed away during his delivery. His name is Jonas. My second son we named Jeremy. He's only seven months old, but has a great personality, and is the cutest baby alive. I love them all, my wife and sons, and look forward to an eternity with them. I'm an IT professional. I enjoy technology, all kinds. Whether it's the newest renewable energy, or mobile device, I like finding out more about it. I'm a musician on occasion, and love playing and singing for my family and friends. I like board games, video games, sports, and pretty much anything fun that can be shared with others.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the church. Received the priesthood when I turned twelve and continued doing what I was supposed to do as a Mormon youth. There came a time in my life, however, when I questioned who God was, whether He truly did exist, or if he was just an imaginary being of good hearted men. I went in circles questioning others about the beliefs of the church, the beliefs of their faith, if they weren't members of the church, and the sciences of the world. I finally came to the conclusion that if I wanted to know if the church was true and God was real I needed to read the word. I read the Bible and the Book of Mormon to find out what the truth was. I found a scripture, now my favorite, in the book of Alma chapter 32 verse 27. It directed me to act. I prayed and prayed but no answer came so I continued to act. One night at a youth activity, the missionaries came to teach us how to be missionaries. I was assigned a companion to teach the Great Apostasy and The Restoration. After detailing the events of the Great Apostasy, my companion testified and explained, so movingly, who Joseph Smith was. I felt a swelling in my heart, I became light and felt as though I were floating. I knew right then that the church was true. Jesus Christ is the Savior. God exists. Joseph Smith was called to restore all that was lost. The Book of Mormon is true. Thomas S. Monson is a Prophet of God. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

How I live my faith

Missionaries are awesome. I have always enjoyed being around them because they are usually so jovial and nice. After having served a mission I now understand more than just what missionaries show to the outside world. They carry the eternal lives of thousands on their backs. Imagine being given stewardship over the lives of thousands and then told that you need to talk to them all and help them survive. It's pretty crazy I know. I currently serve as a ward missionary with my wife. We go to lessons when we can, find people for the missionaries to teach, and show examples of talking to others. Our goal is to invite others to come unto Christ, whether that's through an activity, a sacrament meeting, or to be baptized. At work i talk about the church regularly with my coworkers, and make sure they know I'm a Mormon. I looking forward to the day when I can bring more people to Christ and teach them of the truth. I was a missionary in Arcadia California. I met some of my best friends there, both missionary and non-missionary. I still keep in touch with them and talk about my life and inquire about there's. I served there from '09-'11. I've been through fire's, rain, snow, and flood (small) to share the Gospel with others.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

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