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Hi I'm Timothy

I'm from a family of 10, a town of 300 people, the oldest of 8. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I"ve ALWAYS had questions, about why and how. But never could find the answers to all of my questions. once i finaly learned to turn to the lord with all my questions I soon gained a very strong testimoney that he is there and that he loves each and every one of us. With this knowledge I made the choise to serve a mission. So I left my family, my friends, and work, my life pretty much, put it all on hold and went to Texas to serve the lord for 2 years of my life. I love my family more than anything they are my life. Although religion is a huge part of our lives, we love to do other things as well. I have many memories of my family doing things togeather, working, playing, talking, stuff that any normal family would do. But we always had a lot more love for one another than most. I love to have fun! I love going to the movies, long walks with family and friends and talking, playing mini golf, sleding down the huge hills in our town, the fourwheeler rides and swimming and skiing stories are endless. In the end I am a normal person who loves life, and has seen the hand of the lord in my life more than 100 times. I plan to go to college when I finish my mission as well as marry and have a family, thank goodness thats a long way off. I hope to study medicine and become a pediatic to help out families. Because I love families I want to try and help others out.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born a mormon, and so most people think "well look he's born mormon so he doesn't know any other way, and so ofcorse he's going to be mormon" not totaly true. I was born a mormon yes, I grew up in a mormon town and with a mormon family so ofcorse i'm going to have a lot of influence, but I love to ask the dreaded question, "why." I 'must' know why and how, how and why, it doesn't matter if it floats or flyies I must know "why and how." it wasn't a question, it was a must have. So growing up I realized hey I want to know if God realy does exist! so I asked, I didn't ask any one around me, but instead I asked myself, I knelt down and asked, the experiance is very special to me and so I'll simply say, I recived my answer and it was a very powerful, spiritual. Yes. That experiance happened many many years ago, but it planted a seed, a small seed of hope and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, and from that seed grew a very large tree of faith, hope, and the thing I love more than anything else. Knowledge. It may seem like a little thing to know but I know it has helped me more than anything else in this world. To know that God is there and does love us is an amazing feeling. And whats better yet is you can know too!!! simply humble yourself enough to kneel down before the lord, in private, and pray, out loud, to know if God is there, and when you recive your answer, and you will if you ask in faith. Ask God, Which of all the churches is true, and then act on that experiance. And you'll see the blessings from heaven, just like I have. All because, I prayed.

How I live my faith

I live what I teach. And try to follow the commandments and prophets as best as I can. I have the feeling that God is always watching me so I try and live a better life. Its about as simple as that, I study the scriptures, the bible and the book of mormon. I go to chruch, and do what I'm supposed to. And I just try and live a better life! As of right now I'm serving a mission, because I know that the lord has called me to serve, I have been called by a prophet of God to serve, and I cant do anything but follow God. So for 2 years of my life I've left my life back at home and have come to Texas to serve my God. Its as simple as that.