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Hi I'm Valerie

I'm a creator, a reader, and a Mother. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Washington. That is where my love of trees, green and blue and open fields came from. I was raised in a busy home bursting with 12 kids - and I was smack in the middle. We moved a lot, and my memories are filled with fun adventures with my brothers and sisters. I graduated with a degree in Microbiology, Clinical Laboratory Science. I met my husband at college and we were soon wed. After a hospital intern I took on a new major, motherhood. This one was by far more challenging, more mind boggling, more demanding, and certainly more fun! I now have 5 children, a great husband and a full and wonderful life. Creating is the outlet I find most rewarding. My favorite materials to create with are fabric, computers and yarn. Computers, blogging, and new programs all add more challenge and dimension to everything you could possibly put on a page! My love of quilting comes from my sisters. We are constantly sharing quilts, patterns and beautiful fabrics. The designs and colors on the fabrics today are amazing! Crocheting. This antique hobby has been perfect for me while I watch 4 basketball games each Saturday or wait in a parking lot for my children. The new colors and feel of wool yarn drive this new passion! I have found that creating homemade treasures have helped link me to my past and connect me with women today. I am a book worm. Reading wraps me in worlds I've never imagined, tells me what's ahead - or behind. I found books on crocheting, weight lifting and on and on. My oldest children have started reading the young adult genre and I've discovered a great new area to find good clean books to read from. My perfect moment. Blue and Green. Trees and sky. This is what I'd paint on my canvas. We live about 15 minutes from 2 different canyons with mountains all around us. Picnics, walks, exploring, camping - to me, life seems best when I'm with my family enjoying the earth and feeling God's love.of course a good book and quilt by the campfire can add to that perfect moment 

Why I am a Mormon

There were not many mormons around besides those in my family and a sprinkling of others throughout the little towns I grew up in. My childhood memories are tightly wrapped together with religion. My family was very devout and regularly attended church on Sundays and church activities during the week. My parents taught us regularly about following Christ's example to be kind, honest, and that family was paramount. We gathered daily as a family and prayed and read scriptures together. Belonging to the mormon church has always brought me joy. Once I left home I continued the habits of attending church, praying and seeking God in all aspects of my life. Being Mormon brings me peace and joy. Being Mormon gives me my foothold on life. Being Mormon tells me who I am and where I am going, what matters most - Family, Faith and Fellowman. Being Mormon has helped me understand that I am a child of God, a sister to all and I have a purpose here in life.

How I live my faith

From the time my 8th Grader leaves the house each mornig I am on the go. My four younger children all attend Elementry School so the house is buzzing. Each mornig we try to find shoes, make lunches, eat breakfast and have it all together so we can kneel in prayer together and read a little from the bible or work on memorizing a scritpure. As I think of what my kids have to deal with each day, I think the best thing I can send them off with is a prayer in their hearts and the words of God echoing in their ears. As a mother I find that the values taught at church are exactly what I want my children to learn. If they can grasp love of God and of fellowmen then I feel they are going to have a better life - richer and more equall to the challenges that will meet them. One of my favorite things our church does is councel us to hold what is called "Family Home Evenings". We are told to reserve Monday nights for just our family. We start with a prayer and a song and then spend some time discussing a principal of our faith and how we can better impliment it into our lives. We then close with a prayer and a treat. This is a great platform for me as a mother to teach with my husband the values we hold dear and build a better bond of communication and understanding wtih our children. 17 years ago I met my husband in a college bookstore. We were both working there but in different departments. It didn't take long for us to date, fall in love and get married. I find living my faith helps me love him more. My faith has helped me see how important family is, how vital our marriage is and that it needs to be my priority. Attending church together helps to keep our goals in focus and on the same page. I find that living a life of faith ripples into all parts of my life. As a bookworm I by-pass the violence and lusty novels for a cleaner book that leaves me a little better. While shopping I work at living within our Budget as our church leaders are continually counseling us. As a mother I try to speak with a softer voice and hand out more hugs. I am grateful to be a mormon. I am constantly learning how to follow my Savior in all parts of my life. The strength and guidence I find from the gospel of Jesus Christ helps me deal with life, no matter what I'm doing or what happens.

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

I have found that trying to master the fundamentals increases my faith daily. Praying each day, studing my scriptures and showing love to God and the people around me strengthens my faith. With prayer I start to find - that I need God and He is there to help me - I am not alone. With scripture study I have discoverd strength to meet life head on. From loving God and serving others I have found sweet joys. Thus I see that parallel to my actions, while working to live the fundamentals, my faith in Jesus Christ grows. Show more Show less