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Hi I'm Jon

I grew up across the street from the church in Idaho. I was less active until I was 27 when I truly learned the Gospel.

About Me

I am a 60 year old father of 6 children and grandfather of 17. I've served as a Bishop, Stake High Council and as Stake President over the last 20 years. I am retiring this year from a 40 year career as a pilot including 30 years as an experimental test pilot.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the church but was not active in the gospel until I was 27 years old. My wife and I were to take our family (3 children at that time) to the London Temple to be sealed as a family in 1978. I grew up in Rexburg, Idaho where the church is predominant but did not know very much about the Gospel until I began studying in 1977. At that time I needed to know if it was true. This process included reading: JESUS THE CHRIST, THE GREAT APOSTASY, A MARVELOUS WORK AND WONDER, the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants. This process or rescue was all possible becaue of some very stalwart home teachers and visiting teachers. I remain the only active member of the Church in my parents family. Everything of lasting value to me is found in the Gospel. I have 6 children who have all been endowed and 17 Grand Children growing up in the Gospel despite all the dark gloom of the world, they are growing up in light. I have an unshakeable testimony of the Book of Mormon and have read it many times. I know that it was written very explicitly for our day. I know that Joseph Smith was the Prophet of the Restoration and I marvel at the knowledge that he was able to receive. I believe that this was possible becasue of a unique humility that he had. I oft time hope that I am receptive enough to understand the things that Heavenly Father is trying to send to me through the Holy Ghost. The center of my testimony is the realization and knowledge that Jesus is the Christ and without him live would not have any meaning. We could never return to the presence of the father. However, because of him all these things are possible. I have experienced personally and witnessed in the lives of others while serving as Bishop and Stake President, the power of the atonement to heal people from sin and all other sorrows. The look of individuals when they realize that there is an atonement. That the atonment is not only overarching but also is very personal for them. I have a great testimony of the Temple and marvel at the ordinances conducted there and the promises that are made. In life there are many situations that truly seem unfair. I know that life only becomes fair in the temple --- in our Father's house.

How I live my faith

I was just released as Stake President after 9 years of service. My approach to callings has always been the same. I have been so richly blessed in my life that when asked if I would serve the answer is always the same, "How could I not serve--I have been so richly blessed." When I was released as Stake President and Bishop I have not experienced any 'withdrawal' symptoms. I have always believed that I served the Lord. I have never had a single phone call after I was released. This is reassuring to me because it was always about the Lord and being his servant. When these changes occur the people go to the current servant of the Lord who holds those keys. If they came to me after I was released, I would feel that I had failed to teach them the source of the healing power in their life. My wife and I are finally getting to serve together. WE teach a Temple Preparation Class in our Ward. We will serve together beginning 1 July in the mission field. I have been called to serve as a Mission President and she has my companion. We face this calling as we have all others: feelings of inadequacy and apprehension but with complete faith that the Lord will make all things possible. If the weight of the calling seems to heavy it always forces me to my knees, which is where I have found I should always start.

Are Mormons Christians?

"Yes- everythign about the church focuses on the Savior and his Atonment. The Book of Mormon is written to convince all men that Jesus is the Christ. Show more Show less

In whom should we have faith?

We should have faith that our Heavenly Father is real and that we are his children. We should have faith that he loves us beyond our capability to comprehend. We should have faith that with his infinite knowledge that he has a plan to help us come home to him. We should have faith that this is all possible because of our Savior Jesus Christ. Show more Show less