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Hi I'm Brandon Seger

I grew up in the Middle of no where Kansas, I Love my family, and i'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am 22 years old and loving every little bit of my life. I have recently been married within the year and love every second of my happy marriage to my lovely wife Aubrey. We are both extremely happy, and yes I will even go as far as to speak for her as well. I am a busy kid at this time in my life. I am currently going to school to become an industrial arts teacher, you know the cool teacher that teaches wood shop and welding. On top of school I have recently been called to serve as a second councilor in my ward Bishopric. I really have a lot on my plate but I do love it. I love being a part of body of members that makes up "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints". I can say that is my focus to make sure that I am a good member as well as a good student and husband. I love to do just about everything there is to do. I am an independent contractor on the side, so I know how to build houses and that cool stuff. I even do a bit of body work and mechanical work from time to time with my dad on classic cars we want to restore. I love sports like football and wrestling. I love to hunt, fish, and be outdoors all the time as well. But still to top off my day I spend time with my wife, which is my favorite part of every day. So I'm a husband, I'm a follower of the Master, I'm a workaholic, I'm a sports Guru, and I'm a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

Why I am a Mormon is something really special to me. I grew up in the Church. But why I chose to be in this is because I know its true. I haven't had a moment in my life where it just hit me or anything. But ever sense I was little I have always known that this was the truth. I believe that its because my mom told me when i was very young that it was true and I imagine that I believed her. I love the Church. Like I had said before, i never have had a moment when there was a huge experience telling me that it's true. It has been the little things in life that keep popping up that testify to me that the Church is true. I have many experiences that make that bold testimony, and let me tell you they mean the world to me. Those experiences have helped me learn and grow profoundly into the man I am today. I keep an eye out all the time for more experiences like that in my life. I know the Church is true because of the little things that happen all the time that tell me so. I know that God has a working hand in our lives today and forever will. I bear witness that Jesus Christ lives and is the Savior and Redeemer of Mankind. All this I testify because of the little things that have been shown me. In the name of the Master, even Jesus Christ, Amen.

How I live my faith

Living my Faith has always been a big thing for me ever sense I was little. I grew up in a small town where there weren't very many members of my faith around. Those that were members of my faith were my family; Mom, Dad, brother, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, you know. So I always had to be one that would always resemble my faith in everything I did. I had friends growing up. I played sports, went to school and did everything any normal kid would do. The only difference with me was what I did off the record. I didn't spend time doing a lot of the crazy things others would do. I preferred to stay home instead and stay out of trouble. I knew that being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ meant that that's just who I had to reflect, Jesus Christ. I got along really well with everyone in my school. Everyone respected what I wanted to do as well and who I was. A lot of times I would be known as "The Mormon" in school, which never did bother me, I liked being known as that. Through my life I have had to stand alone, and I have no problem with ever having to do so for the rest of it either.

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

Brandon Seger
The reason that "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" or the "Mormons" send out missionaries to work is because of how true we know that this is. We send people out to find others that are in need of help from a loving heavenly father. That want to come closer to him and his son Jesus Christ. We send out missionaries to Baptize and Confirm people as members of the fold of sheep the the Lord Jesus Christ. Not to add a number to the Church but to help others make promises with God and his son Jesus Christ and as an aid receive promises back from them. Thats what baptism is. It's a promise to God to repent and live righteously. The confirmation or receiving the Holy Ghost is a promise from God that he will always be there in all of our situations and problems and even joys of life. Missionaries go out to help others get to that point where they can make promises with our father in heaven and his son Jesus Christ and continue makeing more promises with him in the future. Show more Show less