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Hi I'm Felicia

I am a veteran of the United States Army, who served during Desert Storm and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up as an only child in bothe Northern and Southern Claifornia, raised by my mother after my parents divorced when I was just 9 years old. After high school I joined the United States Army, and became a Patriot Missle Operator from 1989-1992, during Dessert Storm. I had the opportunity to live both in Kaiserlautern, Germany and also Riyhad, Saudi Arabia during my enlsitment. The latter was quite an experience by the way! I then had a beautiful baby girl, and proceeded to earn a Bachelor's degree in Marketing. Fast forward many years later, and I am a 42 year old divorcee' and the mother of one beautiful 19 year old daughter who just left for her first year in college. For the past 11 years, I have worked in the financial industry currently in Atlanta Georgia. I have sweet 4 dogs, who I love like they are my children. I know some people can't relate to feeling like that about their animals...but I can't relate to NOT feeling that way. : ) I enjoy being with good friends, yskr pride in being a good friend and have an afinity for shoes. I hope to return to Europe one day to see all of the places I said I would see when I was there 20 years ago (while I was in the army) and didn't. I also look forward to being a grandma someday, and to being the kind of friend to my daughter that my mother has been to me. I am very blessed to have the realtionships I do with my mother and daughter, especially since our family is so small in numbers.

Why I am a Mormon

I have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for two and a half years. I was introduced to the church by the family of a young man that my daughter was interested in her 10th grade year of high school. She actually had the desire to attend church with her "friend" and my curiousity about what she would be hearing led me to join her. We have been attending now for almost three years non-stop. While my family did not attend church, I did attend alot of church services in my youth with friends and even joined a church in adulthood, but it was a short lived afilliation for me. I just wasn't feeling any connection or passion for what I was learning, and frankly I thought is was my problem, or that it was "me". I now know that the reason I wasn't feeling anything special is because I wasn't being taught through the Spirit, and that I wasn't hearing the true restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Not that the churches I attended were preaching what I will call "partial" doctrine on purpose - I don't want to imply that at all. I just believe that I recognized the truth when I finally heard it in the Church of jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - and it truly resonated with my spirit and soul. Since becoming a member of this church, I can honestly say I have felt a sense of peace in my life that I have never EVER had. I know that this is because of my commitment to do my best at living the commandments of my Heavenly Father and following the teachings of the living prophet and apostles of our church. Understanding the plan of salvation, and knowing that families can be together for all enternity if we do our part, is a wonderful thing. Understanding that our Heavenly Father loves us no matter what we do, and that he wants us to return to him, and therefor has provided a way through his son Jesus Christ is the most comforting truth that we all need to know and believe. I am SO VERY grateful for my membership in His church.

How I live my faith

Simply put, on a daily basis I try to follow the commandments the Lord has set forth for us. Everyday, I make mistakes, and just strive to do better the following day. I attend church regularly to be inspired or uplifted, and try to participate in organized church activities as much as possible. When service is needed for members of our church or even members of our community, I volunteer to provide that service whenver I am able. I try to be a good friend to those around me. Each of us have callings in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Currently I am 1 in a group of 4 women that oversees the women's oragnization in our unit. Making sure that our sister's (women's) needs, and the needs of their families are being met, and that if support of any kind is needed, we ensure that support is given. We organize activities to uplift our sisters and encourage close bonds between one another through service and fellowship. It is truly an inspired program and just further supports knowledge I have that Heavenly Father is watching over his ALL of his children. In all assignments provide the opportunity to work with different members, and build closer realtionships with them as well as the people who we directly serve. Many things are learned in each calling and many blessings come from simply being willing to do what the Lord sees fit for me to do in His organization. I take my calling very seriously and do my best at serving in each assigment.