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Hi I'm Jeff

I am a Civil Engineer by trade and a Poet and Song Writer by heart. I love to create and follow my inspirations.

About Me

I am a father of five beautiful children... so yes, I suppose we fit the Mormon mold :-) My wife and I are both from large families and we love our big family. I suppose we like things big... we live in the big ole' State of Texas and we love living here. It is still the freest place on earth. I own a small consulting business that takes me traveling all over Texas and surrounding states. I provide specialty Civil Engineering services to schools designing sports facilities (and let me tell you... all you have heard about Texas sports is true). It is fun to be able to design things that can bring so many young people happiness and give them opportunities to develop there talents. I am an artist by nature and I have always loved the arts. I learned how vital these things are when somehow, amidst the busy times of life and family, I failed to make time for art and for developing my talents. It led me into the saddest times of my life where I struggled greatly with depression. Then the Lord (I suppose in answer to prayer) gave me a little nudge and got me back into creating. He gave me an inspiration to write and so I threw my hands in the air, put everything aside and I wrote it... Well, It gave me life again. It gave me a way to open up.

Why I am a Mormon

I could go on and on about this but in summary, I am a mormon because it is simply where my search for truth has led me. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Dat Saints is Christ's true church restored to the earth in these times and the surest testament of such are the true and living prophets and apostles that lead and guide the church. In essence, the restored gospel and church give me (to coin a phrase) 'The Fountain of Truth' and the Gift of the Holy Ghost to be my guide... That is why I am a Mormon

How I live my faith

The best I can I suppose. I have always been a bit of a black sheep by nature and thus learning and understanding the gospel comes much easier to me than living it. However, I have learned that sharing the gospel and just helping others in general give me the heart to stay on the straight and narrow and so that is what I do. I must admit that believing this and practicing it over time has changed me and made it much easier and more natural for me to live my faith. Living the gospel; learning to live like Christ: a life long journey no doubt... but as the say, "The Joy Is In The Journey".

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

As a poet, my best stab at answering this was done in the form of a poem... BY THEIR FRUITS I cannot help but wonder as I wander through this life, And try to find a purpose in this world of toil and strife. Why don’t I have a Moses or a Noah as my guide, Like those who came before me had amongst them to abide? Why can’t I find the likes of men like Peter, James and John? Does God not see I need them here to teach of right and wrong? I’ve heard some stand and preach that “God doth send these men no more!”, Yet common sense and scripture lends this theory no support. For when the Savior warned of false Christ’s he did simply say, “Believe it not for none but I shall come in latter day”. But when he spoke of prophets, other counsel he did give: “You’ll know them by their fruits…by what they teach and how they live”. Thus why would Christ have taught this if he had no plan in mind, To send down prophets for to dwell amongst us in our time? It seems that if no prophets were intended for our day, “Believe it not” would have been the more fitting thing to say. But such is not the case and so I’ll reason and conclude: Somewhere in our midst there must be…a prophet that is true. If Christ did not intend for there to be prophets in our times, then why would he challenge us to study those who claim to be prophets and judge them by there fruits? There must be prophets in our day. It is our duty to prayerfully search them out and surely, the Lord will reveal them by the peace and power of his Spirit. Show more Show less