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Hi I'm Josey

I'm a Mormon, a husband, a father of 3, a science teacher, and a coach.

About Me

I am a working class father and husband. My wife and I have been married for nine years. We have three sweet children. I am a high school science teacher and coach. I love all kinds of athletics and still enjoy playing basketball and golfing in my free time. I also enjoy reading. I like to read fantasy novels and historical fiction and nonfiction. I do enjoy the occasional video game on the Wii, XBox 360, and the PC. Every couple of years I enjoy building a new home PC.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in a family where both of my parents were members of the faith. I was taught it from a young age and always believed what I was taught and found that living according to the precepts brought me a lot of happiness. As life has gone on I have had times of serious doubt and confusion. I am still following the faith because in spite of my questions, I have had a richly blessed life when following the commandments of Christ as taught by living prophets in this church. I have prayed sincerely to know if Joseph Smith really was called by God to be a prophet. I have asked if the Book of Mormon is true scripture given from God. I have felt the Holy Spirit tell me in my mind and in my heart, just like Jesus promised it would, that these things are true. I also have many life experiences that confirm that following the teachings of Christ given through prophets and other leaders called by heavenly revelation and by proper authority has brought me happiness. Ignoring those teachings has brought me only sadness and darkness. I have many things to learn and change but I believe that Christ can and will help me become better and happier if I submit to do His will.

How I live my faith

I attend regular weekly meetings every Sunday in my ward. It is one of three congregations of my faith in the small town where I live. These meetings last for three hours every Sunday. Some people think that is a long time to spend in church, but it includes three different 1 hr meetings which are each important to me. The three hours doesn't seem like much when compared to the time I spend doing all the other things I do in a week. The other major part of living my faith takes place every day. In our family we try to pray together twice daily. We also have some simple scripture readings with our two oldest children nightly. I try hard to study the scriptures on my own for a few minutes each day, usually at night before I go to bed. My wife and I also try to pray together each night before bed. Personal individual prayer is a very important part of how I live my faith. I find myself praying about all different parts of my life including how to be a good husband and father, asking for wisdom in preparing to teach, safety in our travels on icy winter roads, and asking for protection from injury for the girls on my basketball team. My faith asks me to be constantly seeking to improve in trying to be like Jesus and keep his commandments. I am full of flaws and far from perfect, but I am trying to improve different parts of my life.

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon was written by prophets who were called to do a work by God. These prophets were part of a group of people that came originally from Jerusalem but were led by God to the America's about 600 B.C.. Just as God called, spoke to, and gave commandments to the prophets and apostles who's writings became the Holy Bible, God called, spoke to, and gave commandments to prophets among this group of people he had brought out of Israel and to the America's. These prophets taught the people the gospel of Jesus Christ and recorded their teachings over the course of about 1,000 years. The most important part of this record is the account of Jesus appearing to this group of people in person following his death on the cross at Calvary and his resurrection three days later. Christ taught this group of people in the Americas and they felt the nail prints in his hands and feet and the wound in his side and they witnessed that he was the promised Savior of all mankind and that he had in fact overcome death and sin. All the writings of prophets over the course of these hundreds of years were abridged by a prophet named Mormon at about 400 A.D. His son Moroni was the last prophet of this group of people. They had fallen into rebellion against the gospel of Jesus Christ and were destroyed in a great war. Moroni was the last and at Gods command he wrote some final teachings and buried the record of his people having been promised that God would bring it forth to the world at some future date to testify of the divinity of His Son Jesus Christ. In the early 1800's God called a prophet again and he was given power to receive and translate this ancient record. This is the story of how the Book of Mormon came to be. Show more Show less