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Hi I'm Kyle

I'm a husband, father, and a friend. I'm a hard worker and, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

When I was 22 when I married my wife Kate. My wife and I now after 4 years have one son that is 2 and a newborn little girl. They are the light of our world and keep us extremely entertained. I have a beautiful family. My wife is a convert to the church. She and her family joined the church when she was 14 yrs old. When I was recently graduated, my parents decided after a long time struggle, to part ways. I had a lot of mixed emotions. I didn't know why after 20 years they decided to end their marrage and throw away all the love we had as a family unit. However, I'm extremely grateful my mom had taught me my whole life how to rely on the Lord and his servants here on earth. I had a lot of LDS friends that helped me through those tough times. I served a mission in Chile and saw many miracles unfold through the faithful service. My parents began to talk, and interact because they shared a common interest, Me. I've recently bought my Uncle out of his small flooring business. I worked for him for 6 years and still hope to continue what I'm doing for a while longer. I love to interact with the other trades I work around. Its a great way to be the light Christ has asked me to be. I love the blue collar aspect of the housing market and hope someday I'll work a white collar job, in the blue collar industry. You could call me fruggle. I work very hard for what I have. Some people love to spend money and buy new things. Nothing makes me more happy than seeing my savings grow.

Why I am a Mormon

Like I stated earlier, I was born into this church. Many people think that just becuase I was born into the church I'm blind, and ignorant to what others believe. Throughout my high school career, I upheld my standards because that is what I was taught to do. Through doing so, I saw how that changed my non LDS friends. I wittnessed on many occations my friends change their acts becuase of my presence. I never asked them to do so, they chose to. When I was in my late teenage years, I was reading the Book of Mormon when I felt the Spirit much stronger than any other moment in my life up until that time. I had a prayer in my heart to know for myself, and without a doubt that the church was true. I was given my answer. I can not deny what I felt, nor would I ever want to. The Lord has blessed me 100 times to every 1 good thing I've done for him. I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church on this earth becuase I asked for my personal answer, and recieved it; but that didn't come until I truely wanted to know, and looked for the answer myself. I went 18 years of my life believing it was true, but at that moment I knew its true. I know what others teach in the world, and what others do to help out in the world. There are alot of people that do great things among us, however, scriptures say there is only one true church. I've studied, and prayed about other churchs, and beliefs. No other church has the fruits that this church has. No other church follows the Lords counsel like this church does. This is becuase, Jesus Christ himself is the head of this church.

How I live my faith

Now that I've grown up, have a family, and no longer rely on my mother for her spiritual strength, I choose to follow the Lord for myself on a daily basis. The world is a tough enviroment to live in. Like the scriptures say, I need to live in the world, but not of it. I am having to decern what is the temptation, and what isn't and make a correct decission of a daily basis. Its tough, but worth every blessing I recieve for doing so. I say my prayers each day, alone and with my family asking for protection, and blessings. I thank my Father in heaven for all his blessings each day. I'm actively engaged in my ward. I work with the youth of the ward, and to help dirrect them in the correct dirrection. I attend my sunday meetings which help me learn, and understand better the Saviors teachings. I strive to fullfill my callings I've been given to visit the active, and less active members of the ward to make sure everything is running smoothly in their lives. I know the only way to stay strong against the temptations of the advisary is to overwhelm him with the Spirit. If the Spirit of the Lord is with me, there won't be enough room for Satans temptations. I fall at times. I do occationally give in to the temptations, but I also know, that the Savior will be waiting for me to ask for forgiveness and he will grant me that. I just try harder next time.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Mormons do not worship Joseph Smith. Mormons do, however, admire Joseph Smith for his integrity. Joseph Smith was a confused young man who didn't understand the purpose of all the different sects. He did rely on the words of the Lord. He read, and pondered the words found in the bible. When he came across the verse in James 1:5 he felt that that was the method to resolve the madness. Joseph prayed asking what church of the few he was attending was the correct church for him to join. He didn't pray thinking he would then become a servant, let alone see God the father and Jesus Christ in person, but he did. God the father and Jesus Christ, reveiled them selves to him, and called him to do their work. He, through the power, and authority of Christ, restored the church. The same church Jesus formed of the earth before his crucificion with his apostles. I do not worship Joseph Smith, but I do admire him for doing what the Spirit told him to do and ask God himself what church was true. I'm grateful he listened and although received alot of criticism and persecution, held strong to the Lords words and restored the church so I can recieve magnificant blessing from on high. Show more Show less