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Hi I'm Rabindra

I was born in Suva, the capital city of Fiji Islands and now live in Oregon and I am a Mormon

About Me

My grandfather was a Baba (a spiritual leader) of an East Indian faith called Kabir Panth. He came to the Islands in the 1890 and brought conform and peace to the Indentured Laborers. The East Indians were brought to Fiji by the British as Indentured Laborers (girmitiyas) to work on the sugar plantations. Many of the Indo-Fijians are the descendants of these people. East Indian culture is unique and different, especially with the cast system, intermingling was not allowed in India. However, when the British forced these people to live in common facilities they had no choice but to accept their fate and began to mix and mingle with others caste. This new common identity created an opportunity for the Kabir Panth faith to florist. The basic believe of this religion is that we are all children of a higher intelligent and thus there should be unity and love among everybody. My grandfather came to Fiji and brought hope and peace among the indentured people. My father was born and lived with his sister Dhan Kuar Dass in a house that was the Temple. I was later born and raised in this home.

Why I am a Mormon

Though I came from a very strong Hindu faith background, my parents did not compel us (males) to believe their religion and thus allows us to choose for our self with the caution to not be hypocrites but follow faithfully what we choice to accept. My father always advised us to treat others as we would want to be treated and to never say anything negative about another person unless we could face that individual and say the same thing to them in front of their faces. I accepted Christianity as my faith and I learned much as a Catholic but always felt there was more for me than what I was doing but did not know what it was. There comes a time in the life of all of us when changes need to be made, therefore at 18 years I began searching for an identity with God that I could not find with my chosen faith. Did not really know what I was seeking but felt that I was missing something. I started going to different churches and religious groups and still could not find what I was looking for until, the missionaries ( Elder Dass and Elder Ferrin) knocked on my door and told me about Joseph Smith. I knew what they told me was true because the spirit witness that to me. That night I read the Joseph Smith story three times and knew it was true. The next time I saw the missionary I told them about my testimony of Joseph Smith and expressed a desire to be baptized and within the next three weeks I was baptized. A year later, I was ordained an Elder by Pres John H. Groberg and entered the mission field serving in Fiji Islands under the Tongan Mission. I had the most spiritual experiences during those two years as I faithfully served my Heavenly Father’s children in Fiji Island. After my mission, I received my endowment in the Hawaiian Temple and later received my patriarchal blessing. My patriarchal blessing is my Liahona and has provided me with the directions that I needed to pursue. Though I have not always made the best of choices in this journey of my life, I know beyond any shadow of doubt that through repentance and atonement of my Savior Jesus Christ we can change, we can return, and we can recapture our joy and find inner peace. I have hope and so can all of us if only we accept His love and believe that He can and will heal our sorrows. I know that He does and though don’t fully understand how, but nevertheless “I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me, Confused at the grace that so fully He proffers me.” I know that approximately 1973 years ago my Savior suffer for my pains and the blood that he bled in the garden of Gethsemane was for me, so that today I can stand tall and be bold to testify that He lives and loves us. That the gospel has been restored through Joseph Smith and that there is a Prophet (President Thomas S. Monson) through whom He leads this Church. That we are children of a Heaven Father and when we totally believe and accept this truth than this truth will determine out destine. I know who I am, a child of God and that He loves all of us and send His son Jesus Christ for us. If we follow Him and we will find peace, the everlasting joy that comes from knowing your true identify, I testify that He lives and loves us in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

How I live my faith

I live my faith the best that I can today for I know that tomorrow the opportunities of today will be gone and thus if I did not do any good or shared my love for my Heavenly Father with another than come tomorrow I would not have any fond memories of gratitude for yesterdays.