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Hi I'm John

I'm a husband & a father. I'm a carpenter. I love football, I'm a former US Marine. I'm a convert, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a carpenter by trade. I love to build things. I'm married to the most beautiful woman in the world. I'm a proud father of 3 great kids. I love football, GO TITANS AND GO HOKIES!! I'm a former US Marine. I love to read, listen to music and spend time with my family. I have recently fell in love with the game "Settlers of Catan". I really enjoy playing basketball, and exercising in general. I'm from the east coast, moved to the south and now live out west.

Why I am a Mormon

All of my life I have been searching for the "truth". I never thought that there was a Savior, I always believed that all roads led to God. I always thought that you saved yourself no matter the religion. I guess my journey begins when I was a boy. I usually attended church with one of my grandmothers, taking turns on sunday. I remember getting told in sunday school that I asked too many questions and some things I didn't need to know. That never has sat well with me. I always have to know, the who's why's and how's. Well at age 12 my parents divorced and everything I knew about family changed as well. Both of my parents remarried but I never fully recovered. I got a little older and went on to high school. My school wasn't the best environment for learning, lots of distractions, drugs, violence not to mention the normal high school stuff. I was always studious but never had really good grades to vouch for that. I always was fascinated by history, religion and philosophy, and I still am. After graduation I shipped off to boot camp, I became a US Marine. At 2 years in I got in a little trouble and was seperated from the service. During this time I pursued my quest for truth. I dabbled in about every religion and philosophy you can imagine. I kind of had a beef with organized religion so I put my own beliefs together, a mix of various doctrines and my own experiences and feelings. I met my first wife and had 2 children, and obviously that didn't work or she wouldn't be my first wife. After that my spirituality was an afterthought, it was on the back burner. But as the years went by, 6 to be exact, something was calling me. It was during this time that I saw the most beautiful lady that I had ever laid eyes on. As she and I got to know one another we had open and frank discussions about our beliefs in God. She was a Mormon. As we grew closer, we had deep feelings for each other. She asked if I would go to church with her once, to see what it was like. It was awesome! A small ward in Nashville,TN. After that I had the missionaries over a couple of times, we had great discussions. I had always believed a coupled of things, 1, we were created, 2, our life had a purpose, 3 we would eventually all return to our source. Well on I think the 6th visit by the elders, we had a dicussion on the Plan of Salvation. I had heard this before. Never in my memory, but in my heart it was more familiar than anything I had ever found. I can't put into words what I felt that night, but I will never forget it, no matter how much I struggle. I was baptized a short time later, and I married that lady. I love her. The Lord wants us to hear the Gospel, but we don't listen until we are ready, and his timing is perfect. The Gospel changed my life. I testify that God lives. Jesus Christ is his son and our Lord and Savior. This is his church and the gospel has been restored through Joseph Smith. The Lord is patient and forgiving and he loves us all, I testify in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

How I live my faith

One thing I love about our church is that we are able to teach each other. Instead of one person teachng each Sunday, we always get to hear from our brothers and sisters in our ward. I also really enjoy discussions in our sunday school classes. I try my best to actively participate in them. I have found that every comment, or experience can help strenghten us. We are told in the scriptures to liken them to ourselves, this way they can help us grow and deepen our understanding. Being a convert to the church I was humbled by the call to be a teacher. How in the world could I, a baby in the gospel have anything to teach these lifelong members of the church? All I can say is that through prayer, and searching the scriptures when one is teaching the spirit does the work. I'm really looking forward to my chance to serve in my new ward. I have moved across the country and the only person I know in this area is my wife. We are anxious to serve, and we know the opportunity will arise. One thing about the Lord's church is that you get in the game, nobody sits on the bench for long. All of us in the church are a missionary of some sort. Me for instance, I am the only person in my family that is a Mormon. I try to set the example of living by Godly principles. I've been divorced and have 2 other children that live across country. Their mother is not of my faith, but I try to pass things on to them. I send notes about scripture study to them, when my wife and I have family home evening we send our "lesson" to them in the mail. I was really surprised when I moved to Utah, that in my line of work there were not as many members of the church as I had expected. I'm in the construction industry and sometimes we are not the cleanest folk. I try to be better than the stereotype. The guys on my crew are great, I love them. They see me at work, I work hard. They also notice that I don't smoke, or dip. I'm not perfect but I attempt to hold myself to a higher standard. They see me reading during lunch, sometimes scriptures, other times things about our Constitution. They always ask me about what I'm studying, and I have had numerous times to shed some light on some points of what we believe. One of my coworkers is very inquisitve, and is quite skeptical. He has started to soften and hear the word. We have great discussions, and they are very open and honest. He told me the other day that he could learn alot from me. I was blown away. I'm humbled by the chance to teach, you never know when that chance can appear. I like to think that following the example of our savior, is the best way. I'm along way from his standard but little steps turn into bigger more confident strides. Be valiant brothers and sisters, we are all on a mission.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

This is a great question. For me I have always believed in a God. My understanding of him was different than it is now. I guess for me the question is what tells me there is not a God. I can't think of a single thing. Look around, this world though chaotic is in perfect balance. The natural eternal laws that govern the heavens and the elements are perfect. The way that the days go on in perfect time, the way the seasons change. All the variety of life that we see, so many animals and insects all with their own unique purpose. It is not possible that it all is by chance or random combinations of elements and reactions. Mankind I believe is the crown jewel of our Fathers work. Our ability to think, reason, communicate and problem solve is not seen in any other species. We feel love, hate, joy and pain. The design of the family is divine. Again most other species, within the first 2 years the animal can fend for themself, could you imagine a 2 year old surviving on its own. Parenting is a divine appointment. And our Father has given us something else instead of instincts to survive with. We have a prophet and scriptures as a guideposts!! That is amazing. To think that at any time we can seek guidance from the Creator himself. All can be revealed if we have the faith, and we tune in. Show more Show less