What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm john

I'm a Mormon. I grew up in Utah and had great parrents who taught me the gospel. I'll be forever greatful to them.

About Me

I am happily married to a beautiful and wonderful wife and we have four amazing kids. It is so wonderful to know that we will be together forever as a family because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the power of the prieshtood. I don't know what I would do without my wonderful kids and my wife. I am greatful for the hope of eternal life with my family that the Atonement of Jesus Christ gives me. There is no greater gift in the world than the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the blessings it brings into my life.

Why I am a Mormon

Thereis no other church that offers so much opportunity to come to know who I am and my potential as a son of my Heavenly Father. I know the church is true, the Book of Mormon is true, The prophet Joseph Smith was God's prophet through whom He restored the Church of Jesus Christ here on the earth again. Because of the restoration we are lead by a living prophet today. Through the power of the Holy Ghost and prayer I have come to know that thease things are true and anyone who wants to know if they are true can ask Heavenly father if they are and He will tell them that thease things are true.

How I live my faith

I love being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The chruch has enriched my life in so many ways by giving me hope in a life after death with my lovely wife and beautiful children. To know that I have a loveing Heavenly Father that wants me to return to live with him, and has given me so much help through the Holy Ghost, His prophet, prayer, and the scriptures to guide me back to him, gives me hope and security in the Atonement of Jesus Christ and His gospel plan of salvation. Serving in the church has given me a greater understanding of what it means to look after those who are down trodden, and in serving I think I have been lifted higher than they whom I have served. I often find the blessing of service farr outweighs the sacrifice it takes to serve. It is always uplifting to be able to think of the wonderous blessing the Atonement of Chirst is in my life. I know that because of the atonement I can improve every day and with Christ's help I will be able to become like Him and have the oportunity to some day live with my Heavenly Father again, that I and my wife and children will be a forever family, and that we will all live again.

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

A testimony is a special wittness from the Holy Ghost of the truth and reality of the existence of our Heavely Father. One of our Church leaders gave a wonderful talk about lines of communication with our heavely father. He said that prayer is like a personal line of communication with our Heavenly Father and that through prayer we can receive a wittness by the power of the Holy Ghost that Joseph Smith is a prophet and that this is Christ's church here on the earth. The amazing thing about prayer is the fact that Heavenly Father will answer you by giving you feelings of peace comfort joy and knowledge. He wants us to come to know him and he is willing and ready to bless us with his guidance we just need to have the faith to ask and be willing to follow the answer he gives us. If in doubt start by asking Heavenly Father if he exists. He will answer you and let you know he is there. Once you know our Heavenly Father is real and answers prayers request a copy of the Book of Mormon and read it and ask Heavely Father if it is true. He will tell you that it is. Have Missionaries come and visit you and listen to what Christ has restored in His church and then ask Heavenly Father if it is true. He will again tell you it is true. If in doubt pray and ask him and he will answer you. I know he listens to me and answers my prayers. He has wittnessed to me through the Holy Ghost that all thease things are true. Try it and you will know too. Show more Show less