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Hi I'm Jesse

I play videogames. I ride motorcycles. I love a good book. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm 20 years old, and serving a mission in Idaho. I moved around a lot growing up. I was born in Washington, moved to Utah, then to Missouri and then Iowa. Growing up was a rough thing. I was always having to make new friends and lose old ones. I've got three brothers and a sister, which was usually fun, and although my parents are divorced, I love them both dearly. I learned alot from my parents. My mother taught me to be kind to everyone. She has such a big heart. My father taught me to stick the rough times out and never give up. I had a lot of cool hobbies back home. I love playing paintball, videogames and riding my motorcycle. I also love cooking something and having it turn out just right. However, there's nothing quite like a day off with some friends to watch movies and walk around town. I've also got a few years of college under my belt, but that's on hold until I get home in January of '12.

Why I am a Mormon

One thing I never learned from either of my parents as a child was what Mormons are. It turns out that both of my parents were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when I was born, but by the time I was 4, they had decided to take their faith elsewhere. I grew up seeing several different faiths in action, which was an interesting experience for me. I didn't think about why we didn't stay at the same church for long as a kid, though. I figured you went to a church you lived by. When I turned 7, my parents had a conflict that resulted in their seperation and eventual divorce. My father continued life working hard and figured that as long as he knew Christ personally, he'd be okay. On the other hand, my mother began to seek meaning in her life. She began going to more and more congregations, looking for truth she new existed somewhere. 5 years later, she saw some missionaries out walking around our townhouse complex and decided to invite them in. They taught my brothers and sister and we were each baptized. Even then, I wasn't sure that the Church was all it claimed to be. My mother has been working her way back for a long time and is making good progress. She taught me that the only way to know of spiritual truth was to ask God and then have His answer. I didn't try that out until I was 17, but when I asked if the Book of Mormon was actually the translation of an ancient record, He answered with a powerful 'Yes'. Because of that answer, I knew that the man who translated it by the power of God had to be a prophet, and that God really had put His Church on the Earth again. My life has been better ever since. I still have trials and challenges, but now I know why, and I know that God loves me. Now I'm a missionary, helping other people learn what I rediscovered.

How I live my faith

I serve as a fulltime missionary to share the Gospel with as many people as I can. I also live my faith by trying to be a good example and stick up for the little guy. To be honest, I love the blessings that I've recieved from the Gospel of Christ, so I try to be exactly obedient. Obeying Christ leads to happiness. It's as easy as that in my eyes.

How can I know Mormonism is true?

First decide that you really want to know and that you will live true to the answer you recieve. Then read from the Book of Mormon and ask God in prayer if the book is true. You see if the book is true, then you know that Joseph Smith, the man who translated it, is a prophet of God, and that each of his successors were prophets as well. Knowing comes through the power of the Holy Ghost. He speaks in feelings that come to your heart and mind. Make sure to watch for feelings like peace, joy, comfort, warmth and a feeling of 'rightness'. These feelings will be your witness to the truth of Mormonism. Also, it helps a lot to have missionaries talk to you about it too. They can answer questions you have and help you know the truth. Show more Show less