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Hi I'm Jordan

I live in Australia, I am one of ten and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm 20 years old. I live in a Australia. I am from a big family and growing up was pretty noisy but it was lots of fun. Being from a big family has alot of downsides like people using all the hot water and eating all the food but the upsides are that if I want to go and play laser tag and I can't find any friends to come I can just ask my brothers and there you go instant group. I can safely say my brothers are my best friends. I like to play lots of sport. Anything that involves running or playing with a ball. And yes i do play video games. I am a massive Nintendo fan all other types of games. My personal favoraite is Mario and all the games with that. In High school I was in the band and played the trumpet. I love jazz music and many other types of music. I find it really cool how the type of music can change a person mood if they be happy or sad. I also like to be creative in anything I'm doing wheather it be cooking, drawing and in taking a picture. I love going on walks to just view the world around me. It is really cool to just sit back and just watch the world go by. I can safely say when I'm by myself thats when I think the most and I love doing that outside. I love living life.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? Well that's a pretty loaded question well when i was growing i was going to this church. I did all my parents asked me to do because I didn't know anything different. Every time we went to church everyone that spoke always said "I know that this church is true." And I always said to myself "yeah good for you, you need something to believe in that is nice." I personally didn't believe it for a long time. It came to the point that I was reading my scriptures one night and I had an impression to ask and find out. When I got that impression I was worried of what was going to happen. I became very stressed and tensed, I was thinking what will i do if i don't get a answer? how would I act? what will I tell my parents? I was sacred beyond belief. I then said to myself I'll find out what to do when the time came to it. So i went on my Knees and simply ask "Is the Book of Mormon true? And if it is I will do all I can to live it. Even go on a mission" After I said those words I got my answer. It wasn't a man appearing to me in fire. But what i felt was something I haven't experienced before, it was like a wave of relaxation came over me. All the doubts that I had were gone. All fears fleeted away and I came to know from that experience and many others that this church is God's church and with all that is taught by his prophets can make us happy. And this means the world to me. This brings hope for the next life, it brings me comfort now in this life and it brings me joy whenever i talk about it.

How I live my faith

Well while i have been in the church i have had many callings when i was about 14 or so i organised some activities with kids my age. When i was a little bit older was given task of being a home teacher. Which basically means that i talk with some of the members and devote my time to help them when ever they need me. Latter on was a youth leader an organised activities with the 8-11 year olds. that was lots of fun helping them to know about the gospel. And now I am a missionary. Sharing the gospel with who ever wants to hear it. It is perhaps the best thing i have ever done I love it. Mainly the reason is that I like to help people and trying to understand them. Do unto others as they will do unto you. I think that is how I always want to live because if that was possible relationships with people I know will be more then friendship.

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

Well there are many reasons why missionaries do what they do. We do it because we are asked to. Because we are told that are efforts will be rewarded after the mission. Now this is'nt money or stature. It is experience and many other blessings. Now the most important reason why we do it is because we recongised that God does not want us to keep the joy that we have gained from the gospel to ourselves. But He wants us to share it with all His children. Our brothers and sisters to help them exeprience the joy we feel every day. And to help them anyway shape or form. To help them in actual fact to be with there families in a state of never ending happieness for time and all eternity. Show more Show less