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Hi I'm Carlos

I'm a Mexican with a Catholic Family..... and I'm a Mormon

About Me

I am a 23 yrs. Old and I live out in the DFW area. I consider my self to be a Life long Member who converted to the Church. (You'll see why in the next section)

Why I am a Mormon

I have a personal testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ. I see his blessings in my life day by day. At times, I feel unworthy of his love. I was born into a Catholic family. When my parents divorced, I was raised in the LDS Church. My mother and her family have all been life long members. When I was towards the end of my Middle School years, I began experimenting with Drugs and Alcohol. I lost my faith. I began to question the teachings of the Church. I left the church to pursue things of the world. I lost sight of what was really important. After 8 years, I moved from my apartment out to a bigger and better city. I was struggling very much. The day I moved out, I actually lost my job. I knew that moving and losing my job all in the same day had to be a sign of things to come. It was during this time that I began to pray. Now, I did not pray in the traditional sense. I showed no humility and no respect. But I did speak to my Father in Heaven. I asked if this is where I belonged. At this time in my life, I had no relationship with my family what so ever. Being in a new city all alone, I had no where to turn. As the days went by, my funds grew smaller and smaller along with my faith. Finally, I looked up at the sky and said, "Look, you brought me here. I have not spoken to you in a long time. I'm a man of my word. Prove to me that your there and that you love me. Send me some help and I will stop living this life of Drugs and Alcohol. Help me and I will start going back to Church." A couple of days go by and I get a call from my mom back home. "Son, your apartment called here. The deposit you left is ready for pick up." I immediately thought back to the prayer. "Deposit it IMMEDIATELY MOM!" I told her. I had enough money to last me to the end of the Month. I looked up curiously to the sky. No, this had to be a coincidence. That money was coming either way. "That one didn't count" I told myself and essentially the Lord. As quickly as that money came, it left. Once again, I was wallowing in my sorrows. Drinking the nights away. Once again, my funds were gone and so was my faith. Once again, I look up to the night sky and I tell the Lord, "Help me. Prove to me your there! Tell me what you want from me! Help me one more time and I swear I will go to church and give up this life style" A couple of days go by and again, just like before, i get a call from my mother. "Son, your last check from your work was in the mail today." I knew that this had to be the lord. After my mother deposited the check, I began to see more and more signs all around me to go back to church. On my way to church, as I had promised the Lord, I got a ticket. Not only that, but as the police officer left and I began to merge back into traffic, two blocks down I blew out a tire. "Obviously you don't want me to go to church." Once again I decided NOT to go through with my end of the deal. With the cost of food, gas, tires, and rent.... once again my funds were depleted. One last and Final time I look up at God and I tell him, "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME! You help me and then you take it away from me! This is it Lord. I'm not going to just ask you for help this time. I'm asking you to help me make it through the rest of the month AND help me find a job so that I can continue surviving out here. Do this, and you will have proven to me that you exist. You will have proven that THIS is where I belong." and then I felt the sudden urge to say the words...."I ask thee in the name of thy son, Jesus Christ, Amen." and as I uttered those words, I got a call from my mother that very instant. "Son, your income tax return just came in.... would you like for me to deposit it for you?" before I could even answer her question, my other line rang...."Is this Carlos? This is Jon from Sprint..... we were wondering if you could start on Monday?" My prayers had been answered. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that the Lord was out there listening to me. The following months were extremely hard. I still had my doubts. But as I started to pray humbly and study the scriptures I knew now what I had known all along but ignored. That our Father Lives. Our Father knows us inside and out. He knows our strengths and our weaknesses. Now, even after these occurrences I have still had my struggles. But I can now say that Im drug free and Sober for 3 yrs. now. I give you this, my testimony, that if you but humble yourself and ask with a true heart, that you will feel our Father's love. You will feel his presence with you and around you. You will feel the comfort and joy that this Church brings. I know that our Savior lives and that he died for our sins. And I know that he knows you. even as you read this, I pray that you feel the Spirit and that you feel the burning desire to learn more about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. He lives! Even as you and I are here on this earth breathing, he lives. He loves us. All of us. And if we but just ask.... we shall receive. I leave these words with you in the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

How I live my faith

I am a Sprint Store Manager and I assist the Church by running their account. I also do volunteer work at the Local Food Bank as well as the Homeless Shelter as well.