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Hi I'm Ryan

I grew up in sunny Arizona. I'm currently serving a mission in Australia. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I can honestly say that people are my passion. I love talking to people from different places, backgrounds, cultures, upbringings, languages, ethnicities, colors, and anything that denotes the variety that life has to offer. This love for people has led to the nerdy pursuit of theater. Oh, how I love to act! Acting is something I've always loved to do, ever since I was a little boy. Throughout grade school, all the way through college, I have loved being involved in the theater and film. I love to make people laugh, to watch a smile crack across their face, those two things are, sadly, something that you don't hear and see enough nowadays. I have come across many people who have questioned my desire to be on stage and in front of the camera because of my beliefs, even some who have made it clear that they believe I will make it nowhere because of my standards. I simply reply, that I will go as far as God wants me to. I am also a closet geek. Secretly I have an immense love for computers and technology, which some people also think quite strange. What a gift from Heavenly Father it is to have so much technology available to us today. The mere fact that you are reading this right now is a testimony that God cares about his children so much that he has provided a way for them to communicate with each other more easily, and therefore share the gospel more easily! I love gaming and surfing the web. I love making goofy youtube and facebook videos/posts! I suppose, that would make me a typical, theatrical, nerdy kid of our era. I'm currently serving a mission! It is the most wonderful time of my life so far and I am living the equivalent of the adventures that I have acted out ever since I was a child. I am living the adventures that I have so often tapped a keyboard and clicked a mouse to experience before! I still love to make people laugh and smile, especially when the thing that makes them laugh and smile is the light that the gospel brings into their lives.

Why I am a Mormon

Why wouldn't I be? Regardless of the fact that I have grown up in the Church, I have not always been converted. There was a very hard part of my life when I could no longer depend upon the testimony and convictions of my parents, teachers, and friends. I had to know for myself, as do all of God's children, that Jesus Christ is, in real and undeniable fact, our Savior. He loves us SO MUCH. At first I was frustrated at my "lack of an answer" to this most important questions. I spent many hours praying and pleading with the Lord to strike me with sudden inspiration of the truthfulness of His Church and gospel. I still to this day have never been struck with any electrifying "lightning bolt" witness that the gospel is true. What I did experience was such a peace and calm in my soul that I cannot deny that this gospel and this church is true. My knowledge of the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ is as sure as my knowledge that the sun will rise with each new day. My faith and conviction in the existence of my Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ is firmly rooted in the scriptures and the word of His holy prophets, both in our day and in days gone past. I continue on in the only true Church upon the Earth because it is His Church. It is a large family, full of my brothers and sisters; we constantly work in harmony with one another to build each other up and to become better as a whole. I know that through this gospel and ONLY through this gospel can we live with our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and our earthly families after this life. To me, this is not just my religion. This is not just something I attend every Sunday because I am asked to or because I am supposed to. This is part of who I am, part of who I have always been, even before this life, and part of who I always will be, even after this life. I know this Church is true without a shadow of a doubt.

How I live my faith

I am a missionary! How great is my calling? We are the ones knocking on your doors with the little black badges. We serve for two years, leaving family, friends, and our entire lives behind. Why would we do this? We do it for our brothers and sisters who have not been able to experience such wonderful joy and happiness! We are usually young and there are so many things that the world could offer us that could be more "fun"! Of course, that is wrong as saying up is down. Being a missionary is the thing that has brought me the most joy in my entire life. It is not always easy, but it is always fulfilling and it always brings the peace and joy of the Lord into my life so strongly. After I am done serving I will go home and continue my life as a "normal" member, but I will never forget the experiences I am having, while sharing the gospel in my corner of the world, where I have been called to rescue the souls of my brothers and sisters.

In whom should we have faith?

In Jesus Christ, through which everything is made possible. He loves you and cares about you personally. He is constantly doing everything He can to look after you, even when you turn your back on Him. He is our Savior and Redeemer. He is the Light and the pathway to eternal life. Who better to have faith in than the Lord, who thought of you while He suffered in the garden, was betrayed, tortured, and died for YOU. How marvelous it is to know that we have someone who will never let us down and can always be counted upon to help us in our time of need. He is a prayer away. He is waiting for you to grab his outstretched hand. He is waiting for YOU to have faith in HIM, the Holy One of Israel, Jesus Christ. Show more Show less