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Hi I'm Jeff

I'm a Husband, a Father, a business owner, a photographer, a former dead head, a current jamband taper, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was really, really lost from about 14 to 23. And during those ten years both my sorrows and joys defined the person I have become. I chased happiness through drugs, alcohol, music, money - and though the scars of indiscretion run deep, they laid the foundation for all that our Heavenly Father can pour into our souls. The absence of my Father in my personal life during those years left me rudderless. I found myself engaged in as many "feel good" pursuits as possible. I followed the Grateful Dead on tours, became addicted to multiple drugs and in between left college for shallow promises of high paying jobs. And in the end I came home broke - financially, health wise, and most importantly - spiritually. And in that state of brokedness, my Heavenly Father loved me enough to put an angel in my life. I was stubborn and slow, but His love and her patience allowed Him to soften my heart and eventually allowed me to experience that "mighty change of heart". Today, I am a father of 3 incredible grown children. All of whom I consider my best friends. I am married to my best friend who helps keep my passions in line with my Heavenly Father's plan. I still go with my boys to 10 - 20 shows a year and tape live jambands. My daughter still sits in my lap. I have been to almost every natural disaster in the Southeast over the last 20 years and roofed, tiled, framed and rendered whatever service I could. I own a business with over 100 employees. And I serve my Father will all my heart.

Why I am a Mormon

I have known the sure sorrow of His absence and the supreme joy of His presence. And I for one, choose to live in His light and presence. That might sound greatly simplified - but as Christ said "my yoke is easy, and my burden is light". I lived the opposite of this and hope to never make that mistake again. Sometimes, we get the chance to look back on our lives and see how the decisions we made, the paths that we crossed or the lives that we touched and were touched by, influenced and directed us towards moments of clarity and decision. I would love to say that I had a plan and after great personal study and inner reflection and prayer, came to that sure moment that I knew that this is His church and His doctrine. But the reality is that I was proud and slow to recognize the results of my own misguided reasoning. That as a result of reliance on my own intellect, I found myself essentially, a completely broken human being. And in that moment of need and aloneness, I found that He still loved me and had room for me. That He opened the door and essentially carried me in. There is a warmness, a wholeness that comes from finally being home. And I found that in His gospel, His plan. I have not studied every other religon. I cannot speak to the doctrines tought by most others. I have some experience as a youth with the Southern Baptist - but to be fair, it is only the fragmented memories of a child. What I do know, is that the Gospel in its fullness was restored through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And in that wholeness, fullness - my life is complete. No, I don't have all the answers and I sure make more mistakes than I care to admit. But those are my short comings and I know where I can find the answers if I will but look. I know that I am not a finished product, nor does he expect me to be one. I am a Mormon because that defines me as a child of my Heavenly Father trying his best to follow the path He has laid out for me to return Home.

How I live my faith

I believe that what I do speaks so much louder than what I say. I remember when my wife and I started our family. I knew that I wanted to be a Father in their lives that made a difference, that gave them bearings, and most of all that they knew loved them unconditionally. Since they were very young I have made it a point to know their loves and passions and spend individual time with each one. I would go on individual dates and trips and built the foundation for those conversations and moments that define the hard choices that we all are faced with. When I used to teach the Priesthood Quorum - one of my mantras was "quality time is a myth without quantity time". I am a firm believer that no success outside the home will compensate for failure inside the home. I am fortunate that my Heavenly Father endowed me with a tireless spirit and the vision to lead others. I have spent time in south Florida after 6 different hurricanes, New Orleans after the flood, Albany after their flood, Cobb county after their flood and numerous other locations to work with others to pick up the pieces when it seems that all is lost. I served on the Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity and helped involve our ward and stake in multiple house raisings. I run a company today, where I am able to offer jobs to many members of the church and the community. We have chosen to reinvest in our community and people during an economy where most have avoided risk taking. We foster personal growth and community involvement. Lastly, I hope and pray that my actions - especially those towards strangers speaks of my love for all of our Heavenly Father's children. I hope I do not allow the beggar to go in need, that I do not judge anothers circumstance, and that I can in some small way impart of God's gifts to me in a manner that is pleasing unto Him.