Dallas: Mormon.

Hi I'm Dallas

About Me

I am a husband of 10 years and father of three kids (a son and two daughters). I hold a Master's degree in statistics from Purdue University and currently work as a clinical data scientist for a cancer research lab in Indiana. I love to travel! I have visited 29 states and 8 other countries outside of the US. It is my goal in life to visit all 50 states and every European country (many trips already in planning stages). I speak English and Russian, but I am fascinated with all other languages; I just don't have opportunities to develop them. My language bucket list includes Slovenia, German, Irish, Icelandic, Swahili, Xhosa, Modern Greek, and Arabic. Of course, any language would do. I am interested in music. I have been singing in choirs since I was 4 years old, and I am self-taught on the piano. I also have an odd instrument collection consisting of a didgeridoo, bodhran, pan flute, bongo drums, and an ocarina.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the LDS church, and I have always stayed active in the church. I have had many times where I have struggled to live its principles, but I have always believed and known that they are true. That constant reminder has helped me to return to my own true standards and to move those standards closer to Christ's. I will be forever grateful to all my ancestors who chose to accept the gospel and raise their children according to its teachings. I know that Jesus is my Savior, and I feel such an overwhelming awe when I think of all He has done for me. All of His creations are truly sent to gladden the heart and enliven the soul (see Doctrine & Coventants 59:18-19).

Personal Stories

Why do Mormons go on missions?

Jesus Christ has given us the greatest gift in possible: His atoning sacrifice for our sins, and His gospel plan to help us return to our Heavenly Father. Part of His plan requires that we learn of Him and his teachings, live according to those teachings, and strive to be worthy to live with Him and His Father again. Mormons go on missions so that others will have opportunities to learn of this plan. Imagine that you found some very important information that could save mankind. Perhaps you found a cure for cancer or a way to provide sufficient food to starving nations. Would you keep that information to yourself? I hope you would not. I hope that you would be anxious to share what you know with all others so that they too can benefit. This is what missionary work is all about. Christ has restored His church on earth with his priesthood authority. He has shared with us the way back to Him, and we want all people in every nation to know what we know.

How I live my faith

I serve in my local congregation as an instructor for a group of men. Most of the men in my group are college students who are raising families at the same time. I teach about two lessons a month. This opportunity to serve helps me to stay focused on the scriptures daily. It causes me to be prepared to teach people of a similar age with similar experiences. Without a knowledge of the scriptures, I would not be able to help others gain a testimony of Christ. I have goals to memorize passages of scripture or quotes from church leaders that touch or inspire me. Having these words constantly on my mind allow me to have a safe haven to go to when Satan sends his temptations my way. They are words that can comfort me when I am experiencing a trial. They allow me to be prepared with answers to questions that people may have about life. I do not claim to be a gospel scholar or a scriptorian, but I absolutely love reading gospel literature of all kinds. I love to learn how to improve myself as an individual, a husband, a father, a friend, and as a holder of Christ's holy priesthood.