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Hi I'm Nick

I surf a lot in my great state of South Carolina. I try to write inspiring fantasy stories. I love the Lord. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Grants Pass Oregon and I am now living in the most wonderful state of South Carolina. I have lived in Tennesse and California as well, but South Carolina will always be my greatest love. I served a two year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Portland Oregon. I love to go to the beach and surf, or do something in the ocean of some sort. I am going to school to be an Accountant. My dream is to one day have my own business. I have written a fantasy/sci fi book that can be related to the gospel symbolically and hope to write many more. I'm kind of a junkie for the good vs evil stories!

Why I am a Mormon

Okay so why am I a Mormon? I was blessed to have been raised all of my life in the church, I was born into a wonderful family who followed the standards set by the church. I was baptised when I was 8 years old and to be honest I do not remember much of that experiance, which is one reason that I am so grateful for the sacrament, but i'll talk more about that later. When in my teenage years I began to really wonder why was being a Member of the LDS church so important? I was convinced that the Mormon beliefs brought great joy to those who followed them compared to those who did not, but I did not ever really know for sure if there really was a God and if Jesus Christ did what they say he did. I was more converted to the knowledge that Mormon's were happier people because they stay out of trouble with the law and stay away from harmful things. I still today agree with that fact, but now after having read the Book of Mormon questioningly and having prayed sincerly to know if God is there and if Jesus is the Christ, I have gained a knowledge of the truth and can promise anyone who does not yet know or believe that God is there and that he loves us. That Jesus Christ died for us and rose again for us to conquer death. Joseph Smith was called as a prophet to restore the full truth of Jesus Christ's Gospel upon the earth today. Thomas S. Monson is our prophet at this time to give us guidance from our Father in Heaven for the trails we face in this age. I have come to know that all these things are true and I wish to bear witness of that to the world in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

How I live my faith

Living the teachings of Jesus Christ is something that is of course not always easy. I have lived in the city of Portland for two years going about trying to preach the Gospel that Christ taught. many times people are very rude to us missionaries while we are going about only trying to serve and help all those around us. nonetheless I have seen many blessings or good things come from this service that I have rendered to others. Many people have shown love back and I have seen the change that has overcome some of those who would listen to the great message Jesus Christ has given us. They have gone from being drug addicts and criminals to becoming true saints, Probably even more full of love and faith then I ever have been. When you get to see people use the Atonement or sacrifice of Jesus Christ it is a wonderful feeling. They feel great joy for no longer dwelling in the darkness of sin and they are forever grateful to the ones who brought them the message and also to Jesus Christ their Lord and Redemeer. Sometimes I feel a little bit too praised by those I have taught, after all it is not by my power they are saved from sin, I am but a vessel for the holy spirit to dwell and I very much hope to be worthy of that spirit. I know if we keep the commandments of God we will have great joy in this life.

What are Mormon church services like? Are visitors allowed at church meetings? Can I attend church?

Meeting together as a ward on Sundays is one of the most enjoyable parts about God’s plan for us. He knows that we are weak and that we will fall often in this life, so he has provided Sunday meetings for us. At church we have 3 separate blocks of around one hour each, the first hour being the most important, we call it Sacrament meeting. We open the meeting with a prayer and then sing a hymn in order to invite the spirit into the meeting and help us to put the things of the world to the side for the moment, turning our minds to the Savior. During the meeting a few speakers will get up and speak upon topics that the Bishop of the ward will assign. Those speakers are most times picked from among the ward members. For me the most enjoyable part about church on Sunday is the chance we have to partake of the Sacrament. Jesus Christ established this as an ordinance to his disciples in Jerusalem and in the America’s as well, an account of which is given in the Book of Mormon and the Bible. The Sacrament is an ordinance like unto Baptism, we are actually making the same covenants or promises with God in the partaking of the Sacrament as we do in being baptized, so in a way we are being baptized every week to help us be cleansed of sin and to continue down the road to righteousness.I do not remember my Baptism very well, since I was only 8 years old at the time. Because of Sacrament meeting I am able to remember the covenants which I made at baptism. Show more Show less