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Hi I'm Benjamin

I was tought my good parents and my Heavenly Father has a plan for me,I know that and I AM A MORMON

About Me

 I grew up with Congenital heart disease and I never knew how much longer I would live or if i would live longer. But I continued throughout my life living it and doing the things I needed to do. I Graduated from High School and came on a mission for the LDS church. I was raised a member and still continuing to help others . I grew up in a big family, but none of them are active but 2 of us. I am greatful that I am still living even though I have heart problems.    

Why I am a Mormon

 I grew up a mormon, along with my family, but I realized that religon can help me. Knowing that I grew up in the church that in order to know for my self I needed to pray and come to know for my self if it is the thing that can bring us happiness. Christ showed us the example. Christ said " Not everyone that that saith unto me Lord Lord shall enter in to the kingdom of heaven, but whosoever doeth the will of my father which is in heaven". And since he said that we as LDS members do his will by helping others come unto christ. I know that he lives. I know that he can show us the way by praying to come to know of the truth for ourselves. He is our example and we need to follow him. When Peter died was he able to confer the holy authority of god that was given to him by Jesus to some one else. Or was they not enough time. We have that fullness of that gospel. And Heavenly father Chose Joseph Smith to restore or to Bring Back that truthfullness of the gospel. He spoke to us through prophets of old and still does and I know that Thomas S Monson is the current and living prophet of God, and recieves revelation of that we should do in order to gain happieness and peace in this life, so we can return to him, with a clean heart and clean hands. I know that Heavenly father will answer prayers. He Lives I know that! I am glad to be a missionary to share with others the wonderful message of the Restored Gospel.   

How I live my faith

 I live my faith by reading his words through scriptures and by going to church each week. We have church, so we can learn and gain a testimony of him. We can continue to gain faith in him by praying, studying the scriptures bible, Book of mormon and by going to church to learn or him. Faith is the first principle for a reason. We need to believe in something in order for look forward to something. Faith in jesus christ, knowing that he died for our sins and mistakes, so we can be clean of them is a terrific blessing. If he was perfect and was baptized then, why should we be baptized when we are not perfect. When we are baptized we promise to follow in his foot steps. And because he died for us we can ask for forgiveness to our heavenly father and we can be clean if we mean it, and have faith that because Jesus Christ died for us we can become clean. Faith takes action.   

What does Mormonism teach regarding baptism?

Baptism in the mormon church is a way that has good meaning behind. Members that have been born as members get baptized at 8 yrs old. They are baptized at 8 because, how can you be accountable before then of the mistakes that you made. 8 is the number because that was revelation or word from God we got and the prophet of god passed it on. If we were young such as 3,4,5 and did wrong things and died at a young age why would be punished for that when we don't have any controle over it. But, when we get to a age that is appropriate where we can realize our mistakes from right from wrong, then we can be baptized at 8 and be accountable, because we realize the wrongs and we can understand the importance. When we are younger we dont understand as well because we can't speak, but we know that we came from the presence of god and he knows the way and what we need to do to be better people each day, and after we follow his sons example, by being baptized then we can know and do those things that are right and to improve our lives.   Show more Show less

How is the Book of Mormon different from the Bible? How did Joseph Smith obtain the “golden plates” or Book of Mormon?

 The book of mormon is evidence that Jesus christ lives. It is another testament of Jesus Christ. If it is ANOTHER testament, then what is the other testament. The bible. We invite all people to read and to pray about it. As members of the church we can't convince you, but if you read the intro, it asks us to read and pray, and if we do that we will gain a testimony of the Book of mormon. The bible and book of mormon support eachother. The last prophet in the Book of mornon sealed the book his name was Moroni...He appeared to Joseph smith and told him about it and to translate or in other words to write from one language to another. He could not read the writing from back then, but he did by the POWER OF GOD. If Joseph smith did not know about the writing back then, then how would he be able to translate it. God wanted it for us, because he tells of his Son Jesus Christ and to tell us how we can follow him and be better people each day. The book of mormon helps me by reading and praying to understand. He gave this book to us for a purpose. I invite you to read it and pray.   Show more Show less