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Hi I'm Branson!

Im a future father and husband. Im a freestyle rapper. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Uh, you can call me Elder Smith but my first name is Branson My pass times include lacrosse ping pong and dancin' Born of goodly parents back in 1991 fast forward 20 years i thought these days would never come To serve a mission was a decision that I had to contemplate Knew what I had to do though i felt blue i chucked my deuces to the beehive state Kissed kissing girls, my vans and car goodbye for the length of 2 whole years Tell myself that im a man but my eyes arent stranger to some tears Knockin' doors and preachin' the gospel on the eastern side of Tennessee I left my family back at home so you could enjoy yours for eternity This mission sure has been a test for me But I believe that ill leave ya with my testimony I know the following to be true... Homie. Sometimes trials over bare us so much it isnt fair The gift of life is fragile so we need to handle it with prayer Give an inch he'll become a ruler Satan on your souls corrosion But I got a remody for you you see its a B.o.M. ... but no explosion Open it up read it put Moroni's promise to the test Youll know youve got your answer when you feel a burnin' in your chest. YES! The fulness of the gospel throught the prophet Joseph, God did restore The gospel of Jesus Christ Is something we cant afford to ignore Faith repentance baptism recieve the Holy Ghost endure to the end Dont know if this is blasphemous but ill close my rap with an Amen! *disclaimer- it is important to note that I am a white boy from Utah.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? Well lucky for me, just as the rap states, I was born of goodly parents who were strong members of Gods true church. They raised me in an area where the majority of the kids i hung around with were Latter Day Saints as well. If it wasnt for my parents and awesome friends growing up being the stellar examples that a gent like myself needed, I dont know if I would be a Mormon today! But you know? I never completely knew this church was true for myself. I mean, logically, the church made sense. The word of wisdom? No brainer. How can anyone think for themselves let alone have the companionship of the Holy Ghost if they are high as a kite? Paying Tithing? Realizing that God has blessed you with everything you have makes 10% of your increase look like pocket change. Praying and reading your scriptures? Okay, well if God is up there, surely he wants to communicate with ya! A living prophet? Understanding the pattern of dispensations and apostasy gives you the answer to that one. The law of chastity? Despite having to bridal my passions as a young man, this commandment totally makes sense. Abiding by this commandment will avoid anyone who does so the heartache that comes along with single parent homes, disease, and the guilt and shame that tags along with the breaking of the law of chastity. Fasting? i still havent figure this one out yet... Just kidding! -- But logistics dont really cut it for me. I needed more. As i was preparing to serve a mission i really wondered "Why?" So i figured baby steps would get me to my answer. Following the simple teachings my parents, church leaders and friends had instilled while growing up was what i turned to. Praying, attending church with the intent of having a spiritual experience and taking the time to read the Book of Mormon. Thats where I found my answer. It aint malarky and I promise all 14 some odd million of us arent lying. The Book is true by darn! I know it with all my heart!

How I live my faith

I live my faith by inviting others to come closer to Christ. Yup, thats my duty as a missionary. Im serving in the Tennessee Knoxville mission. When I was informed that I would be serving here a common phrase that came up in conversation was "Southern Hospitality"... Im still looking for that hospitality! No, thats not true. I have found it, in abundance even. Sometimes its hard to get your head off the pillow in the morning knowing that you will most deffinately get rejected that day. As the fourth section of the Doctorine and Convenants states "the field is white all ready to harvest". The section just left out a map of how to get to that field. I love missionary work. Sometimes i forget that fact, but i really do. My mission started in Bucharest, Romania in the late spring of 2010. Well long story short i didn't last long in the field do to an infection on my stomach lining and a load of stress i thought i could not bare. Well I couldn't handle it alone. I needed The Saviors love to help get me out on a mission again and he demonstrated his perfect charity through my family, friends and fellow missionaries in the state of Tennessee. I honestly thought I wouldn't make it on a mission again and at time I didn't really want to leave home for a second time. But I was blessed through my loved ones. They lived their faith by being the help i needed to get me back out and doing the most important work that I could be doing at this time! In the not-so-near future I will continue to live my faith by starting a family. I know how important families are to our Heavenly Father. They are truly ordained of God. Uniting with a choice young lady in the house of the Lord and starting the role as patriarch of my own family is a big step and quite the load to carry on my back. But pressing forward with faith that God will help you accomplish the commandments he has given us and following the example of Nephi (1 nephi 3:7) is a task that i cant wait to tackle!