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Hi I'm Jared

I love to criuse with my Boards and a Box with Strings, I'm definatley a Mormon.

About Me

I love Smiling....I love Serving, i love walking through life with my family on our Solid foundation of Jesus Christ...I love Surfing on mother natures swimming pool, and Shattering Snowfkakes on a Snowboard. I love Strumming the guitar and trying to Sing along with the strumming...I love to Shoot for the Stars...And give all that can be given...I love to learn, to create and to grow...I love to stuff up, cause i get a chance to fix it up...and become better...I love all these things because they bring me joy...and when i have joy...i Smile...and i love Smiling...

Why I am a Mormon

It puts all the peices of my life puzzle together, direction, destination, desire to do and seek the good things in life. Members of the church feel like your family, anywhere and everywhere in the world. The teachings i I know to be true allow me to experience, real love, real joy and real peace. I knnow they are real because of the experience i have had with the world imitations of these feelings that fuel the soul. Happiness. Simple secure and solid happiness. Through applying the teachings of Jesus Christ, my capacity to think feel and do more good has increased 20 fold, and continues to everyday.

How I live my faith

Right now - inviting people everywhere to learn about Jesus Christ and his truths, his teachings.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Its a great question, but there is a great answer. God, our loving heavenly father has always reached out to us his children through His chosen servants. He doesnt come down and fly around telling everyone what they need to do, he sends a messenger - these messengers are known as Prophets, like Moses and Noah, they are simply a connecting link between God and man, similar to how the power for a house comes from the main source above, there is a connecting cable that hooks up the houses circuit to a power source, the result is life and energy that can be used. In a similar way God calls a prophet to share or declare his Doctrine ( unchanging Truths from God) and we have the oppurtunity to use this, as people listen to a prophet, its like the house and all of its appliances come to life and energy is used in an effective useful way, with is its gives direction, purpose and meaning to our lives - how AWESOME.... Do we worship Joseph Smith - NO - but do we recognize him as a prophet of God, as a instrument handled by the divine creator of this world for the blessing and benefit of mankind, YES - Joseph Smith wouldnt be given a second look by the world if God hadnt driven the car that was Josephs unique and vital life experience. To me Joseph Smith is just a mirror that reflects the infinite glory of God, as we turn and recognize, respect and revere Joseph Smith, we are really just more fully respecting, recognizing and revering our Heavenly father. Show more Show less