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Hi I'm Jonathon

I like to be laugh, i think that life is supposed to be fun. I'm a Mormon

About Me

I am a 23 year old normal college student, like any other. I like to go out and waste time with my friends, and have adventures. I have two brothers and two sisters and i am in the middle. I actually like being in the middle. The older siblings get all the harsh treatment and the younger siblings get the easy life but i got the perfect mix. I really like to live life. Its a blast. I grew up in a small town where everyone knows everyone and any news is BIG news. I learned to love it though. Now I actually love the small town lifestyle. I love playing guitar and singing. I have played for about 8 years. I don't mind playing guitar in front of people but singing is a different story. I love trying new things too. I've actually gained a lot of cool experiences from just trying new things and taking a step out into the world. I like to cook after trying culinary classes, although i don't get a lot of time to actually cook anymore now that I am in college. I spent two years of my life living in Long Beach, California, teaching people in spanish about Jesus Christ and his gospel and teachings. it was such a rewarding experience and it has changed my life.

Why I am a Mormon

I am not a mormon just because I was raised that way. It was kinda a gradual process. I grew up in my own small town and I was one of very few mormons. I liked being that way because I liked having an identity that made me who I was. Everyone knew that I was a mormon and therefore I didn't do this or I did do that. That was comfortable to me. When I left town to go to college, I felt like I needed a new identity to show the world what I was. After trial and error I came back to the basic church teaching and beliefs of being a mormon and that is where i am today. Like I said earlier I think that life should be something that we all enjoy. I can't imagine a God that would send us here to be miserable. I tried all sorts of things to make me happy but the thing that made me the happiest was living a christian lifestyle. Really it did. Other things gave me a rush or attention, but behind closed doors I wasn't happy. The church that taught christianity closest to what I could observe was the Mormon church and so that is why i ended up back there in the long run. I think that the happiness that I gained from the Mormon church was gained because of self-reinforcement. Or in other words, i had learned that the Mormon church was something true and wholesome and right. I has studied the doctrine, i had read the books, and I had been exposed to the people. God had given me enough signs and i knew that it was what he wanted me to do. After that, I just had to do what i knew to be right. That is a universal principle. If we do what we know to be the right thing to do we are happier. Always. And I am pretty happy where i am at right now.

How I live my faith

We shouldn't punish ourselves for being imperfect. We were meant to be imperfect beings, at least for now. We have to learn to rely on Him who WAS perfect and His saving grace in this imperfect world, until we are perfected by Him who is mighty to save. So i just take it daily. I'm not perfect by any means, but i do my best and trust that my very best is enough. That is the beauty of this life. our best IS enough, because of Jesus Christ. Alone, imperfect, our best doesn't cut it, but we aren't alone. We are never alone, we have a savior given to us by God and with that knowledge "How i live my faith," is clearly defined.

What is being a Mormon like?

I said earlier that i am a pretty normal guy and i meant that. I like friends, and parties. I like to listen to normal music and go to normal concerts. Mormons are just like normal people. We might the checkout guy at your supermarkets, or the kid next to you at school, your neighbor, buddy at work, or any other person in your life. I think that that is the point of this website, to show you that we are just normal people with christian beliefs doing our best like everyone else. You'd never notice a difference except we try to live lives that reflect what Jesus taught. But i don't mind being noticed for that... who would? Show more Show less