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Hi I'm Susan (HiyaSusieQ)

I'm an actor and ASL performer. I love rental cars. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a wife and a mom. And I love that! I am also an actor and an ASL Performer. As an ASL performer, I combine American Sign Language and acting into my musical performances. My performances have impacted both Deaf and hearing, as well as those who sign and those who don't know sign language. I have performed at many different functions with many different types of songs, but my most favorite pieces to perform are those that focus on Jesus Christ. I love performing Christ-centered pieces the most because it allows me to really feel the Holy Spirit, and then to know that because of something I did allowed others to feel the Spirit is pretty neat. To make a difference for good in this world is all I want to do! I feel it a blessing to do that this way! I have produced four videos thus far, with number five set to record soon! The gift of expressing myself through performing using American Sign Language has been absolutely amazing! Though, preparing for each piece really takes a lot of time, research, thought and prayer. But every time, with every piece, with every recording and every performance, I have seen the Lord's hand guiding me every step of the way! And then I look at my life away from performing and see the same thing! In every aspect, He is my director. The trick to all of this is just listening and then going to work. But in the end, every time, it all works out beautifully and always better than I ever imagined! To Him I am grateful! www.youtube.com/HiyaSusieQ

Why I am a Mormon

Ya know, being a Mormon isn't just about the name, its also about the peace and happiness you receive by doing. There is more to it than what the world can offer. It's deeper and really something that's hard to describe but incredibly amazing. To know where I am going. To know that all this is all for a grander reason. To know my family can be together forever. To know there is someone watching over me, who is all-knowing and all-loving. To know I can have my prayers answered. To know my prayers ARE answered. To know that these values I live make my kids safer, my family more united and my life happier. To know that revelation is not a thing of the past. To know that it's not all about me. To know that is is all about me. To know that there is more than what the world offers. These teachings are simple truths. Simple truths that make me whole. It's really amazing and really something that no words can describe. You just have to do and feel for yourself. Being a Mormon is how I learned and KNOW these things for myself. One thing that really, above all else, has given me great peace and comfort is learning of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It's not just about my mistakes. It's about my struggles, my weaknesses, my lack of understanding, my sorrows. The Atonement offers me great peace, understanding, learning, forgiveness towards others, forgiving myself, love, happiness, strength. I'm learning there is a lot to understanding it and applying it. But, I'll tell you what, the peace that has come to me through the Atonement of Jesus Christ is what has kept me going and has made me a happier person than anything else! All in all, being a Mormon takes learning and living. Every value you embrace, every step you take, every prayer you offer will bring you blessings untold and more happiness than you will ever experience without it. It's worth every moment you invest! May God be with you now and always! -Susan (HiyaSusieQ)

How I live my faith

"Living my faith takes work but the 'payment' is out of this world!" I heard that saying sometime ago and as the years go by, as I've lived my faith, I have seen the blessings flow! Performing for youth, interpreting for church services, teaching Sunday School each week, visiting a sister from my congregation in her home every month, traveling an hour to church where the Deaf congregation meets every week, all voluntarily, without monetary reimbursement takes work. But I wouldn't trade it for anything! And really, it's just one of those things that the reimbursement comes in blessings that I can't buy or make or do for myself, but the Lord still rewards or blesses me. And those blessings come when I need them. My family is really important to me! Their happiness, their success, their safety is something I think about all the time. It's not just a thing I want for them now but really, I want my kid's kids and their kids and theirs to be happy, successful and safe. I think Heavenly Father wants that for us too. Having that night once a week to sit together as a family and teach each other values and play and sing together really brings an added measure of love and security to/for each other. Oh, it's not always a 'happy go lucky' session but again, those unseen blessings come. Same thing goes when we pray together and read our scriptures together. If I listen and do as the Lord has asked me, it never fails that the blessings come, always when I need them! All in all, that saying 'Living my faith takes work but the 'payment' is out of this world!' is job security that will never fail and a secure 'bank account' that's worth all of my efforts and is truly out of this world!

Can husband and wife be together forever? Do you believe that families will live together in heaven?

Susan (HiyaSusieQ)
Yes, a husband and wife can live together forever. Because of the Temples, we can be sealed to our spouse and children for time and eternity, this life and the next, in heaven. In addition, because of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and through the Temples, we can be sealed to our family for generations past and those that come after us. Because we are sealed to our family for eternity, it makes working harder at our relationships that more important. Ask a Mormon friend or a missionary how this is possible! Show more Show less