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Hi I'm Betsey

I'm a Mother, a Grandmother, a Homemaker, a Southerner, and a Hotelier. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a Mother of five and a grandmother of one in a family of his, hers, and ours. I have been married to my husband Scott for 11+ years and find that our daily challenges as a family are not as unusual as I once thought them to be! We are converts to the church ... 3 years ago.. after spending most of our lives as Protestants.

Why I am a Mormon

WOW ... Why I am Mormon. I guess I could really reverse that and say why wasn't I Mormon for almost 40 years? How did I miss the magnificent blessings Heavenly Father has so abundantly shared with my family? You see, we are a family of converts. I am sadly and yet proudly the first known "Mormon" as far back as I have yet been able to research. I consider myself fortunate that although I know Heavenly Father to be quite the gentleman, He was quite persistent in giving me ample opportunities to learn of His restored gospel. But, to "join" the church there seemed to be radical changes I would have to make in my life and even overhaul what I had always "known" about God. Was I really ready for the truth? Because we all know that once you know, you can never really turn back. So, that burning desire in me to know was as strong as I was curious! Finally, after months of closing doors, a few niceties, and some "visiting", I finally relented and let some freezing missionaries share the Gospel they so cherished. Interestingly enough, as we began to read our scriptures with open eyes and open hearts, Heavenly Father also opened our minds. I suddenly was finding scripture in my childhood Bible that I had somehow skipped or ignored? Suddenly these "radical" thoughts were in black and white before my very eyes in the same scriptures I had studied for years. I asked myself time and again, how did I not find my "home" sooner? How did I miss this for so many years and with so many opportunities laid at my feet! And, that was just the beginning. That first choice, to study, to read, to investigate, to have faith. That first step, propelled me into a peace I had never before known. I discovered what it really meant to "Be still and know." I discovered what it was like to place my burdens at His feet and trust in Him. I discovered that even in my confusion or my simplest needs, He was there to meet me with all of His tender mercies. My family enjoys the fruits of the spirit now in a very real way and although I am still learning and always will be, through his guidance my marriage continues to strengthen, my children continue to grow and change in profoundly deep ways, and my home is filled with His love, not just at Christmas, but year round. I always understood that He knew me and every hair on my head, yet now, I am coming to truly know Him.

How I live my faith

I am still learning to live my faith. Fortunately someone once told me (not long after I was baptized) that it would be like a ladder...rung by rung...to be patient and not run before I could walk!! I have found that through living each principle as I learn it, that I can feel the richness of each blessing and embrace the joy it brings. For instance, in our church we have been asked to set aside a night each week for Family Home Evening (most choose Monday, so that became the status quo for us as well.) This was a new concept for me when I first joined. I really thought it was quite silly. We spent time together every night. So, why did we need a "special" night just as our crazy week was starting?! Now, I don't know what we would do without it! What a joy to know that this one night is ours. That it is a time we spend reading scripture, playing games, learning, snuggling just being "us" without the world. I am so very protective each week of that one single night! I did bobble for a while. We started out strong at first and then gave in to ball practice and girl scouts and event after event just seemed to suddenly require Monday night... they all seemed to be wholesome things that you know are good for your children in various ways but, I also noticed our focus began to wane. My husband and I were once again like ships passing in the night. Our calendars were bonkers, our schedules were whacked, and the fighting was escalating from all of the added stress and no "family" time. Our children were not as careful to study scripture, they didn't seem as Christ centered, nor as close to one another as when we were holding Family Home Evening (FHE) EVERY Monday night. It seemed such a simple thing, but the wisdom in it from our church leaders ... those Heavenly Father has chosen for us to follow .... once again knew best!! This wasn't just some little second thought or some corporate mission statement. This was serious business and hugely impactful!! I guess sometimes it really is the simple things that need tending!!! Needless to say, we don't miss it now. The lessons my children are learning each Monday, although steeped in our beliefs, are also those intangible lessons that - they matter - they have value - our family is precious and priceless. That this one night, Family Home Evening, belongs to us, our family. So, now when the crazy world comes knocking, Heavenly Father has given us this one more refuge to turn to... each other.