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Hi I'm Lisa

I grew up in Arizona. I'm a new mom. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have done many things in my life such as traveling to other countries, going to college, dropping out of college, going to massage therapy school, going back to college, going on many crazy road trips with my friends, and most importantly, create a family. My friends have always been a large part of my life. Everything I did for many years was all about being with my friends and having as much fun as possible. At the age of twenty two I met my husband. The next year was filled with life lessons on how to grow up a little and be a good companion. At twenty three we got married in the temple, which was the best decision I have ever made. A year and a half later we had our first baby. She is the light of my life! I gave up my job working for a firearm manufacturer to be a stay at home mom. Although every once and a while I do go back in to help out and make a little extra money. When I was in high school, I was on the performance dance team. I loved it so much. For years dancing was a passion of mine. I would love to get back into it, mainly to get back in shape, but also to feel the joy that I did when I used to dance. I love singing, I do it all the time, but I must say no one else loves it when I sing! I am a horrible singer, but I love it so I do it all the time at home or in the car. Now cooking is something that not only do I love to do, but I think I am pretty good at as well. Every once and a while I try to sew just to be crafty, but it doesn't work out so well for me. I'm not very creative and not very artistic in a lot of the traditional ways. Mainly I love to spend time with those that I care about. Good food and fun games with friends and family, makes a great evening for me.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was about two or three years old my parents divorced. My father, who had us every other weekend and one day a week, took my sister and I to church when he could. My mother and her new husband did not and do not participate in any type of church or worship. My step father is against all organized religion. One might think being primarily raised in such a home would cause me to carry the same beliefs, but obviously I do not. I loved the church as I grew up and I believed in the gospel that was taught. When I was about 19 my faith wavered. I was unsure of who I wanted to be and what I thought was true. I made a lot of mistakes and did a lot of things that I am not proud of. I lived in my life in darkness and I was filled with sorrow. After some time I grew tired of feeling depressed and dark. I decided even though I wasn't sure what I believed, that I would start living a more "righteous" life. I made this decision because I knew that I was happy when I did. At that time in my life I was dedicated to finding truth. I didn't want to believe something simply because it made me feel good. So I studied out everything that I had questions about and tried to have an open mind about all the answers I found so that I would be able to find the truth I was searching for. I eventually came to know that many churches have truth in them. That I can feel of Gods love in many places. But most importantly I discovered that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only church that has the complete gospel of Jesus Christ. My life has been filled with blessings, love and the happiness that can only come through our savior. I know that when we strive to be like the savior we not only feel of his love, but we make the world a better place. Through service, acceptance, patience, kindness and charity we can make a difference. I love the gospel and I believe it is important for my children to have direction in their lives, so I will continue to teach my daughter and those that come in the future, about Christ and His plan of happiness. One thing about the church that I love is the importance of family. The church teaches a lot about the family and how important it is to build a strong loving family unit. This is very significant to me as I am a new mom and want the best for my family.

How I live my faith

My little family and I attend church every Sunday. This allows us to take of the sacrament, which renews the covenant we made when we were baptized to always remember Christ in our lives. At church we have two other classes that we go to that give us the opportunity to study the scriptures with our community, and discuss our thoughts. My husband and I also read from the bible together every day. I also read from the book of Mormon every day. The most important thing that I do to live my faith, is to try and do as Christ does. I have to admit I do fail at this quite often, but I will never stop trying to be more like him.

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

There are many reasons why we are here on this earth. Most importantly, we are here to become like our Heavenly Father. One way that we become like him is to receive a physical body. Another way is create a family of our own. The one reason that seems to be misunderstood in the world today, is to gain wisdom through our experiences. Many people do not understand why we have trials, hardships in our lives. It is simply to teach us. With out experience, we would not learn anything such as how to tie a shoe or count to ten. It is the same with trails. If endured well we gain experience that teaches us how to be like Christ and it gives us the wisdom that we need to become better than we are. Show more Show less

In whom should we have faith?

A lot of people wonder who Mormons worship. I know I have heard some interesting theories though the answer is quite simple. We believe in God the Father and in his son Jesus Christ. If we have faith in these two beings we will find happiness. Just as the bible teaches, we are to look to Christ for our salvation. Only through our faith in him are we able to return to our loving Heavenly Father. Show more Show less